Powerpoint as a medium

My Powerpoint I used for faculty discussions on the new structure of media at CUNY has received 1,850 views on SlideShare. It doesn’t even work so well without the narration and discussion.

Powerpoint is becoming an effective medium online. Amazing.

  • Edward Tufte will make you wash your mouth out!

  • Sean

    Hmmm…i would have to disagree with this one. One being i personally dislike Powerpoint. Two, I work in advertising and I don’t agree with the implied definition of an ‘effective medium’.

    Just because 1,850 people have viewed it doesn’t mean it was effective. How many people viewed the presentation and how many understood it are two different things. An effective medium engages people and more importantly it communicates the intended message. The fact that you need narration and discussion to communicate your presentation’s ideas to work well already demonstrates the failing of Powerpoint as an ‘effective’ medium.

  • Jeremy C.

    Sean makes a good point about the slides not standing on their own without narration.

    Why not throw your voice over top of it in an easy video a la Lessig?

  • Tobe

    PPT can be effective online because the reader controls the presentation. No need to sit through a redundant droning speech that beats to death what the reader quickly processed. When you’ve read the slide, click, move forward. I did the “Evelyn Woods” version in a few minutes. Of course I’ll probably flunk Professor Jarvis’s pop quiz.

  • Tim

    I was just going to agree with Adrian; that was my immediate thought!

    “Powerpoint is Evil!”

  • Warren Harrison

    @Jeff – do your slides say exactly what you say verbally? If so, it’s doom.

  • Steve

    Leaving the Powerpoint-is-evil debate aside, I suspect some of the slide set’s popularity comes through people like me, who are trying hard to gather information that will convince management that web-based communication isn’t all porn and dating. Yes, some of us are still rambling out of the gate. I thought the slide show trenchant. Any chance you’ll set it free and turn on the downloads at SlideShare?

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