Book advice, please: The title

There’s a debate going on in the halls of my publisher and with me out here over the title of my book. So I thought I’d ask your advice.

The title as I presented it is: WWGD? (What Would Google Do?)

Some people at the publishing house don’t like having what they see as a double title. They want to truncate it to What Would Google Do?

My argument has been first and foremost that that loses the joke. And second, I think it flattens the title (read it in a businessy monotone: What… would… Google… do?… Well… let… me… tell… you….). I had in mind a Seth Godinesque title that make you cock your head like a dog and sniff it. Every single time I’ve said the title in a group, it gets a laugh.

Their argument is that it’s going to be hard to say in promotional appearances and it’s repetitive.

I’ve been hanging very tough on this. Tell me what you think. Doesn’t mean I’ll listen. Also doesn’t mean I’ve stated the debate fairly. But I want to open the discussion and I’m asking for your help and advice.

(International note: I am pretty sure the joke won’t work in other languages; I’m just talking about English and perhaps even just the U.S.)