Unstoppable Google

Google now lets us explore places on its maps via the photos and videos we, the people, submit. When I saw on a panel with Marisa Mayer at DLD in Munich, she showed a map with dots covering the globe representing the data points users have contributed by their use of maps. She also said people have submitted millions of geo-tagged photos. This is what happens when you build a platform.

  • Well, it’s one of the things that can happen when you build a platform. There are many platforms without users or data.

  • You might want to follow the story about dissident shareholders who have mounted a campaign to force Google to adhere to its “do no evil” corporate motto.

    I’ve written before about the power that an effective information monopoly like Google can have if it is misused and it appears that some of these troublesome actions have come to pass – especially as regards China.

    The BBC has been following the story of the shareholder resolutions at the annual meeting, but I’ve not seen any coverage in the US.

  • toronto88

    Have you never heard of Google Earth? This functionality has been around for a long time.