Me, auf Deutsch

It’s a hoot to see yourself translated and subtitled. Here‘s the Elektrischer Reporter’s new video of me when I was in Munich for DLD. Below, that’s me saying, do what you do best and link to the rest.


This was another subtitled interview with Die Zeit a few days ago.

My book has been sold in Germany and so there, too, I’ll be translated. I’m actually a bit ashamed of all the years of high-school and college German I took leading to naught. I didn’t dare try to do any of this auf Deutsch myself.

  • Elektrischer Reporter’s really quite good, isn’t he? I found him before leaving Abu Dhabi to set up a second home in Munich. A couple of days ago I re-blogged the video not because you’re saying anything new, but to point out to some of my German colleagues that you are being listened to in many places apart from the US of A. We’ll be seeing that German mag cover, soon, I reckon!