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Dell has started another blog with execs and employees talking about personal technology. It’s called Your Blog but I’m not sure why; it seems to be their blog or, from their perspective, our blog even if they invite people to send them messages atop the front page. And that’s fine; I’m merely puzzled about the name. What’s good about this is that it is Dell people talking as people more than as a company, even if it is around technology, not their cats. This follows Chris Locke’s precept in Gonzo Marketing that companies should want their employees to show their public that they share the same interests.

  • Jeff — Thanks for making note of our latest social media project, Your Blog. The intent is for Dell to provide a place for two-way conversations about personal technology, with Dell employees priming the pipeline with posts in hopes of attracting ideas and bylined content from the readership as it builds over time. Let me know if you’d like to post on how personal technology makes a difference in your job or personal life.

  • For all the “improvement” Dell has made to solve “Dell Hell” stype issues, I’m still having trouble finding a place on its site to complain about the fact that they repaired my laptop, but kept the battery.

    And by “repaired my laptop,” I am assuming, because I can’t use it at all without a battery.

  • NoBonus

    I currently work for dell & although they have made many redundancies in the past months. They continue to push their staff to the point of breaking with statistics. For the one’s that do manage to secure jobs with other companies dell sours there experience by robbing them off any bonus payment due to them because they were not employed on the date payment is due, Dell do not take into consideration that they have worked for the last 6 months to earn the due bonus, There attitude is well your leaving so even though you have worked for a quarter to earn your bonus you will not be with the company on the payment due date so screw you thanks for all your hard work in your last 6 months
    PS: To the poor techs on the phones (there calls waiting)

  • Thesid

    DELL HELL, unfortunately is still alive. Just got off a chat session abruptly ended by the tech support person. I still had more questions.

  • Laura

    Dell has not done anything to fix their customer services. Here is my Dell Hell story. just wanted to let people know about what happened to me with my Dell laptop so that hopefully it didn’t happen to other people. I have been a loyal Dell customer for the last eight years. My boyfriend and I have purchased four Dell computers within the last eight years. My boyfriend purchased a DELL XPS M170 laptop. I started to use it and decided that I should purchase my own laptop since I was a graduate student. I selected Dell because we have bought several Dell computers in the past and they always ran well. I bought a Dell Inspiron 1500 because I needed a small and easy to carry laptop for school. That is when my problems began. First, only after a couple days of using the computer I activated the Norton anti-virus (it was trial software that came with the purchase of the computer) and could not longer access the internet. I contacted Dell and they said I had to restore my computer to factory settings. They could not tell me what happened or why it was refusing to let me access the internet. The next issue that started to happen was when I went from using the battery to plugging the computer into the power cord sometimes the screen would go black. This seems to be a common problem since a friend of mine has the same problem with his Dell Inspiron. The only thing the computer would let me do is hold down the off button to restart it. The next issue happened less than six months after having the laptop. I used the computer the night before and it worked without any issues. However, the next day when I started it, I only had a blank black screen. I did not receive any error messages or anything to tell me what was wrong. I thought I must have contracted a virus so I had my brother-in-law reformate it. I lost all my information. Then a couple months later again I had the same problem.I called Dell’s tech support. This was by far the worst customer service I have ever received. First I was on hold for an hour and then I was passed from person to person. I finally had someone helping me but I had a really hard time understanding what they were saying since the call was outsourced to India. The person had no idea what they were doing since they were unable to answer any of my questions. Again I was told my only option was to reformat my computer. They started talking me though the reformatting and said they would call me back after it was closer to the end of formatting so that they could walk me though the next steps. I did not receive a call back until two weeks later but by that time I had already asked my brother-in-law to finish reformatting it. I was unable to wait for their calls since I required the use of my computer for grad school. Then two months later again my computer works one day then the next it boots up to a black screen. I also started receiving an error about the power cord. When I booted the computer it would go to a screen with a message about the computer being unable to recognize the power source. So in order to fix this problem I had to start the computer while using the battery only then plug it into the power cord. This would sometimes take several tries since as I mention earlier sometimes when I plugged the laptop in the screen would go black. Another problem that started to happen is that I would try to use my battery (which was fully charged) and it would go from 100% battery power to 7% with in five minutes. Now I really cannot unplug my computer because the battery does not work anymore. So again I call Dell with pretty much the same results. They were unable to answer any of my questions such as why my screen goes black when I plug the laptop in. I asked them why my laptop needed to be reformatted every couple months. I was told it was a software problem. When I asked if there was a way for me to find out what software was causing the problem again they told me they did not know. I tried to explain how frustrated I was because I kept losing information I needed for school and I really needed to find out why this was happening their only answer was that they could only tell me it was a software problem and I would have to reformat. At this point I asked to speak to a manager because I wanted either a new computer or my money back. I was told at first that there was nothing he could do even though at this time my laptop was still under warranty. So again I had to reformat the computer. I had the same issues with the people telling me that they would call me back to help finish reformatting but they never did. I had to call them and I received a different tech person. I had to explain the problem all over again and spent several more hours trying to have the computer reformatted. There was an issue reinstalling at around 59%. It would not go past that point. Eventually the tech was able to have the reinstallation work. However, a couple months later I had the same issues only this time my computer just shut down while I was working on my master thesis. When I started the computer up again it was not working. This time I was panicking since I needed my thesis. I had learned to back-up my information since this kept happening. Unfortunately, since I was working on the paper at the time I did not save the most recent copy to my flash drive. I was about to lose ten pages of my thesis. This time I asked my brother-in-law to help me since the techs at Dell were useless. My brother-in-law was able to retrieve my paper but the computer needed to be reformatted. This happened in March. Now three months later June 17, 2008 my computer again stopped working. I took it to my brother-in-law because he knows more about computers then your techs and has been the only one that was really helping me with this problem. He tried to reformat it but again it kept stopping at sector 59. He tried a full reinstall three times and it would not work. He was finally able to reinstall the operating system today. I almost forgot another error I started to receive was an error about how my computer was too hot and had to shut-down to protect it. I did not understand why it would say that because the fan was working, it was not dirty (I keep compressed air which I use regularly to keep my laptop clean), and the computer was only warm not hot. This would even happen sometimes after only having my computer on for five minutes. In Oct. my laptop again stopped working I had the error message of UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME. This time my laptop would not reformatte. I finally received a call from Dell only after I filed a report with the BBB. Now that my warranty was up Dell told me my hard drive went bad. I kept telling Dell that my brother-in-law said it was the hard drive but Dell said it was something I was doing (when this first started happening). It seems that Dell waited until my warranty was done so that they did not have to fix it. I just wanted other people to know how Dell treats their customers. I’ve had many people in the computer industry warn me not to buy Dell. They have all told me their computers are junk even a guy running the tech department at Carnegie Mellon University (for those that don’t know it’s a top tech university). He said never buy Dell computers because they garbage. I hope this helps other people to not make the same mistake I did in picking Dell. Oh and my boyfriend’s XPS I mentioned… it’s broken now too. He used it one day then the next day it wouldn’t even turn on.

  • John

    DELL Customer Service (or rather DIS-SERVICE) is the absolute worst I have ever seen. They lied regarding “Next Day” Delivery….actually shipped it “Home Delivery” which is 5-7 days. Its been 6 days…no computer…..finally cancelled order.

    “Outsourced” Customer Dis-Service is appalling….Dell you are a joke….never buy Dell…they lie, put you on hold for 30-40 minutes…no response…no help…total joke


    BUYERS BEWARE!!!!!!!

  • Victor Certuche

    I purchase regularly from Dell and since two months ago everything is going down the tubes. Dell lost most of my account information and asked me to enter it again, even though they cannot guarantee that it would not happen again. At this point i only have 15 clients that i buy equipment for and, other than getting the information entered again it might not be a big deal. However, I chatted with a customer rep and his initial response was “I do not know what you are talking about…” Is that great customer rep or what? Now, I have been on the phone for 31 minutes and I was finally told that there is no guarantee that if I bother to enter all the information it will be there by the time I return.

  • My Dell customer experience so far.
    I’m sure it’s just begun.
    My personal Dell Hell

    Dell, how I despise you.
    Let me recount the whys.

    Let’s see, a few years back I bought a Dell for my wife and I to use. At the time, being on a bit of a budget and really needing a new machine, I decided to finance it through Dell Financial.
    This is how horrible things happen. Innocently I fell into the pit.
    For awhile, things went just fine. We received our machine, plugged it in, it all worked.
    Then, come Christmas time or so, I decided to buy a Dell for my son, who had outgrown his trusty old laptop.
    This time I planned to pay for it outright, having clued in to the exhorbitant interest I was paying on our machine.
    That didn’t go so well.
    I got a call from a Dell representative, yes with an Indian accent, who told me they could not ship to the address I had given. We had moved to the countryside, and our mailing address is a box number. Just the way it is out here. Despite the fact that my Dell bills already came here and always got paid, he insisted it come to an actual street address. Arranging for a courier to bring it to us so we could sign for it at our physical address took a lot longer than I thought it should, but there was a language barrier between me an the Dell guy. No problem.
    I expected the machine to arrive with a bill, or a bill to arrive and then the machine.
    My Dell arrived, no bill, and I discovered they had added payments to my present Dell account, to be automatically deducted. No big deal, so I let it slide, we were busy settling in to our new home.

    My bank, through which Dell payments came, has no local branch.
    Eventually I tired of driving 45 minutes to top up an account that just served my Dell debt.
    I attempted to make different arrangements, but again, language barrier, so I gave it up and just let the account lapse. I knew we had enough money to pay the whole account off outright, and figured this was a good way to find out where to send the payment and how much it would be.

    Sure enough, robot voice from Dell starts leaving messages.
    Eventually I get back to them, punch the series of numbers required to get a human, and ten minutes later I’m in, only to discover that not having my account number memorized is a bad thing.
    So I wait, and next time Dell calls I answer. Lo and behold a person.
    I explain to her my situation.
    She does not understand that I do not want to pay $28.00, but instead want to pay it all.
    I am placed on hold.
    Eventually, she returns and tells me if I do not pay within ten days the amount will increase.
    Fine, I tell her, email me the appropriate information and a cheque will be in the mail tomorrow.
    She reiterates her caution about the ten day thing a time or two again.
    Two days later, no email still, and according to her the clock is running.
    I have not recorded my conversation with her, that has been a one way affair.
    PS way to treat a customer.. like a crook after years of on time payments.
    I try to find an email address to send an explanation of my situation, and perhaps have proof of my own that I am being a responsible consumer who just wants to pay his bill in full .
    Tell you what, YOU try to find a customer service email address for this company that sells computers on the internet. You won’t find any such thing on any Dell Canada page, that’s for sure.

    I found a few on a Dell complaint site, after Googling “dell email” or some such.
    I sent of a carbon copy email to all of the addresses I found in this manner, and forwarded copies to the Better Business Bureau and CTV.

    In return I got some form letters, and one real email from a lawyer on the list, who sent me a contact who might be able to help.
    Not for the first time, nor by far for the last, I was told of the difference between “Dell” and “Dell Financial”.
    The individual I contacted thusly, upon understanding my issue, sent me a physical address, telling me I could send a cheque there. Note that, it becomes important.

    Now I’m getting smarter.

    I fill out the cheque.
    I mail it “Registered” so someone has to sign for it from the addressee, “Dell Financial”, at the post office in Toronto.
    The calls from Dell keep on coming.
    Once I even answered it, and tried to explain.
    The person on the other end was not interested in my point of view, instead seemed to have a script that had to be followed.
    I hung up.
    Recorded of course.
    Then, a few days later, today in fact, used the tracking number and saw that indeed someone had signed for the envelope in Toronto, name is recorded by Canada Post even.

    Dell calls again, or rather, the Dell Financial Robot Collection Voice.
    I call them back.
    I have learned.
    I have several screens up.
    One has the Canada Post tracking number, and verification the envelope that I know holds my cheque has been signed for.
    One has my Dell customer number.
    One has the email I received telling me how to pay for my account, from someone who works for Dell Financial including the full amount outstanding, and informing me I can pay by cheque to the address which (I have checked several times to be sure) is indeed the same as the address Canada Post reports I have sent the registered letter to, and from which it has been signed for and therefore received.

    Following me so far?

    So, let’s put several frustrating phone calls today into one pile, call it 2 hours I will never get back:

    One Dell human tells me Dell has not received my payment.
    When I tell the person that I have proof by tracking my registered letter, I am told that the address I’ve mailed the cheque to is not a Dell Financial address.

    I am told the woman from Dell Financial must work for Dell, not Dell Financial. Nothing can convince them otherwise.
    I am told the difference between Dell and Dell Financial several times.
    I am recorded every time.
    I am told that I cannot mail a cheque to Dell financial, they only accept direct withdrawals from my bank account.
    Guess what Dell, I am never giving you direct access to my bank account ever again. Ever.
    The email I received tells me where to send my cheque, remember.
    Oh, but that person doesn’t work for Dell Financial, she must work for Dell, I am told.
    Hmm, funny, I say, her job title indicates that she works for Dell Financial. Do you not know her, I ask?
    Oh this produces some funny confusion.

    I am told no supervisor can come to the phone.
    I discover that to escalate this complaint I need a special complaint number. Screw that.
    I am told by a Dell representative that he can listen to me complain all day but cannot help me, I must return to talking to “Dell Financial”
    “Would you like the number?” he asks.
    Nah, I think that’s them calling now..

    Where does it stand now?
    I am spending no more time or money talking on the phone to Dell reps in India.
    I am sending no more emails unless I see a reason that helps me.
    I am willing to face Dell in court. I can afford to, so why not. I have a ream of emails proving I am not ducking my responsibility.
    A few days ago I picked up the phone as a customer, who was likely to shop Dell again, and I buy at least two computers a year, and sometimes buy several at once for work.
    Now I am an anti-Dell advocate who will not ever give them my money for their product ever again.
    Good job Dell.
    How many good customers can you afford to lose?
    PS us customer types don’t care about the difference between “Dell” and “Dell Financial”.
    I went to the Dell site, ordered a couple of computers, and am getting screwed over, and the name “Dell” figures prominently. If you can’t control your own dogs that’s just bad business.
    At this point, one is the company that led me to the other that treats me in this dehumanizing and illogical manner.
    I bet it’s costing your company more than you can ever know.

    I’m telling everyone I know to avoid your company and it’s “deals” like the plague.
    Apparently the word has been out for a while anyway, but one more voice in the chorus..

    I just wanted to pay my bill.
    Does it really have to be this hard?

    Shame on you.

  • My daughters new lap top starting having the side laminate peel off about two months after we bought it. After numerous calls, e-mails and responding to requests to sent photos – nothing. Each time I call it is like a new day. Maybe they should take care of what they have going on now before they start new things.

  • Matt

    This is a summation of the incompetent customer service I received from #Dell Computers, UK.

    Background and situation:
    I ordered a refurbished laptop from @DellOutletUK on the 15th of January, 2012 at around 4pm UK time.

    Sometime later on the same evening of ordering, I noticed a better deal for a different Dell refurbished laptop on the @DixonsOnline website.

    This laptop had a newer 2nd generation i3 processor, 1GIG more RAM, a better webcam, and, a better screen. Not only this, but with the discount code working at the time, this laptop would have worked out £20 cheap than the @DellOutletUK #Dell laptop.

    As per my basic human and consumer rights, I wished to cancel the order with @DellOutletUK. Surprisingly, #Dell Customer Service phone lines only operate between 9am-6pm on weekdays, only. So I called first thing the next morning, on the day of the 16th January, at 9am.

    Amazingly, baring in mind #Dell is a leading IT company, simple tasks like cancelling orders are turned into complex, convoluted and drawn out procedures.

    I was issued a Cancellation Number code and told they would ‘confirm’ the cancellation by the afternoon of the same day (their official terms are 12/24 hours.) To add to this, you can only cancel an order if the status is not flagged as ‘Shipped’, which mine WAS NOT. I believe there are also added complications if you wish to cancel a custom built machine, which again, this was not, it was an off-the-shelve #laptop.

    I graciously recorded the Cancellation Number and thought it’s no big deal, I can wait until tomorrow to purchase the better value laptop, it will probably still be there by then.

    By mid-afternoon the next day, the 17th of Jan, I had had absolutely no contact from anyone at @DellUK, so it was left to me to contact them. I sent a number of emails, and received one back confirming that it was in process and should be confirmed soon. Baring in mind this was now well over the 24 hours of their official confirmation time terms.

    By this point I was feeling powerless to anything. I had done all the right things: called and requested the cancel; backed it up with emails; I had been polite, courteous, trusting and patient.

    Fast-forward to the end of the day of the 17th Jan; 2 WHOLE WORKING DAYS after asking for my order to be cancelled, at 6pm UK, I received an email that my laptop has now been shipped along with a tracking number. To my absolute dismay.

    Remember that their phone lines close at 6pm, and there would be little point in sending emails at this point. So, I tried the Dell Live Chat system to try and get some answers, this system closes at 8pm UK time.

    The assistant who was assigned to me could only tell me the Live Chat system only acts to help with people who want to make orders, so I asked to speak to his supervisor, whom he put me through to. The supervisor seemed to have little to no experience in how to deal with and treat customers and proceeded to fob me off in a rather patronising tone with vague promises that all is well and I should ignore the ‘item Shipped’ notice. His advice was proven to be totally wrong and wreckless.

    I have uploaded the transcript of this Live Chat session so you can witness the lacklustre attempts of customer care and service given by #Dell’s member of staff. Please view the transcript PDF here:

    Sometime during in this whole debacle, the deal on the better value laptop I wanted to buy had now expired. Thanks to #Dell’s incompetence, I had now missed out.

    By this point I felt extremely upset and let down. Lied to and cheated. #Dell had cost me money, time, stress and a number of actual, physical, migraines.

    I turned to twitter and publicly expressed my miss-treatment. One of their ‘social media’ agents, @StephenJatDell, a nice fellow, was quick to respond and act, picked up my tweet and offered to investigate. This was late in the evening of the 17th of Jan.

    The next day,18th Jan, I received 2 phone calls from a very nice sounding Indian gent who informed me he was calling from the aforementioned social media team, and queried me about my issues.

    By this point, #Dell had stressed me out so much that I spoke to this very nice man in a raised voice, my frustration was overflowing and the poor guy was the unfortunate receiver of this release. I didn’t abuse him or anything bad, but I am not proud of speaking to him with an angry energy which was only due to the ludicrous service I had so far received via #Dell’s internal infrastructure and policies.

    19th Jan, I received a phone call at the last of that day 6pm only to be informed that my laptop had now, somehow, been physically tracked down in the postal system, and apprehended!!!!! AMAZING.

    Am I now a happy #Dell customer? What do you think?

    Perhaps #Dell considered this a result! Only by the letter of the law!

    I am a first time #Dell customer. #Dell had the opportunity to embrace me as a new customer, perhaps a new customer for life. And now? I am an ex, never-to-be-again customer, who will never recommend them to anyone, not only that, but one who is taking the time to write a lengthy and detailed account of my experience on twitter to make aware what other potential new #Dell customers will be letting themselves in for. This will be syndicated in as many blogs and Internet platforms as I can get it on to.

    I don’t know, but I thought customer service was about making customers happy, earning their trust and a lengthy relationship. Not to #Dell. Instead of giving me the option of a discount or other ‘sweetener’ by means of an apology for their incompetence, they choose to just haul the laptop out of the postal system and throw my money and any future custom back in my face. That is not amazing customer care and relation, it’s not even great, or good… it’s absolute borderline legal bare minimum. That’s disgustingly, fundamentally WRONG.

    Now my bank account will be refunded in 5 working days… so that’s yet another 5 days I will have to wait before ordering my new laptop.

    Thanks #Dell, thanks for absolutely nothing but stress and disappointment. You should be ashamed of your faceless, soulless, totally unsociable, barely human, amoral attitude to building personable customer relationships. I can only hope that some good comes of this account and all the above points are addressed, but I won’t be holding my breath.

    (This document is publicly available on Google Docs, and anyone is welcome and encouraged to publish this on other websites: )

    Thank you.

  • Bob

    Things never change. Ordered Dell parts on Dec 4, 2012 and was told it would be delivered by Dec 11. Today, the 11th, I didn’t receive the product and inquired. First, the Dell site, my account, and the order shows shipped on the 5th with no progress. Next UPS, to see where the product is today. The US based UPS rep tells me it was never provided to them. Huh? my tracking info on the Dell site says it was shipped on the 5th. After waiting for 5 minutes, the nice India based Dell employee informs me that the item is no longer available. I asked what happened to the one Dell sold me on the 4th and charged my credit card and told me it shipped. No information. She suggests that she can find another suitable item to replace the “vapor product”. I told her to cancel the order and asked to speak to her supervisor. I explain my issue to the “supervisor” and he tells me the product shipped on the 5th! Huh? I then try to close my account and well you can probably figure how that went. Needless to say, I won’t purchase another thing from Dell. Better still, i will reach out to everybody I know and dissuade them from buying Dell products. Terrible experience!

  • ujala fatima

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