Campaign placement

The most fun I had Twittering the election last night was immediately seeing the three Abercrombie & Fitch guys dudes standing behind Obama. Coinicidence? Conspiracy? Product placement. Either there is a story there or the Obama campaign is its own demographic clliche.

Maybe it’s the latter. The Toronto Sun said yesterday:

Hillary is minivans and American sedans, Barack is Range Rovers and Hondas. Hillary is cross-trainers with jeans, Barack is Abercrombie and Fitch and Banana Republic. Hillary is Dunkin Donuts, Barack is Starbucks. And their supporters are equally vocal, in different ways.

: LATER: USA Today talks to A&F, who says they had nothing to do with it. Ditto the campaign. The USAT blog is asking, ‘Anybody know these guys?’

  • I didn’t notice the Fitch shirts – I’m a Dunkin Donuts drinking, Target clothes wearing Obama supporter – but I was more struck by Larry David (or a look a like) standing right behind him during the speech. Is Larry David Obama’s answer to Chuck Norris?

  • Those guys were all that I could pay attention to during Obama’s speech. What was the message: the youth like Obama, or the youth are easily bored by his long speeches?

    I would have thought that the ground team would have had ample time to vet the backdrop. Then again, he is courting that demographic. Maybe they were hoping the the giant F in Fitch would be subliminally mistaken for a different letter.

  • As long as Democrats divide themselves into these battling cultural tribes, victory in the primary is going to be meaningless. I bet we see these same two candidates slugging it out four years from now to see who gets to take on Pres. McCain.

  • Mark Jenkins


    Was it SO long ago that you have forgotten the battles of the religious right, fiscal conservatives and the hawks? No, but Republicans are glad it seems that way.

    I remember when insiders lamented that party conventions had become nothing but a week long party followed by a “coronation”. I can’t imagine many things that would be more fun than being a delegate at a contentious convention. I’ll probably vote for McCain, but am jealous of my Democratic friends who actually get to “convene” and politic at their convention.

  • I’m getting dizzy from all this spinning.

  • Michael Katcher

    Where are the links to pictures? I’m intrigued.

  • Michael,
    See the added link to USA Today. I went looking and, wonder of Google, there it was. It’s even funnier as a still picture.

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