New math, indeed

At the official blog, Google VP Jonathan Rosenberg pays wonderful 80th-birthday tribute to math prof and satirist Tom Lehrer. I’m a big fan, too. I sang his Pollution at the 10th grade talent show. Says Rosenberg: “Mr. Lehrer is the Harvard mathematician turned parodist songwriter-performer whose sense of humor, intelligence and rhythm created a cult following that, weirdly enough, anticipated a lot of what Google’s culture tries to be about. . . . He was the best kind of “geek” before the word made its way into pop culture.” Another tribute:

  • NOW THIS, was a nice post.

    The dearth of comments proves that your readers are un-nuanced, uneducated retards! None of them understand the rudiments of base 10 subtraction and yet they all fancy themselves technological and geo-political experts.

  • I like that one!

  • W from Cal

    Ah, but the New Math is not really about base 10 or base 8 it is about the lunacy of wonks trying to change a cirriculum so that 9 year olds will “understand what they are doing, rather than get the right answer.” I was there.