New ways to tell stories

At an event last week, Disney head Robert Iger talked about technology providing new ways to tell stories. I came home and found a link from Springwise to this intriguing project at Penguin, the publishers in the UK, trying to do just that. The first in the series tells a tale via Google Maps. And here’s a story written live. Who says that stories must be books and that books must be books?

  • This is a very intriguing use of technology. I’d read about this recently and had looked at the We Tell Stories site, but not gone through the whole “21 Steps” story. Aside from getting vaguely car sick from the rapid map movement, it was pretty enjoyable. It actually leaves you wanting even more detail, i.e., perhaps interactivity with the destinations (the hotel, the library, etc.) But an exciting indicator of where we’re headed.

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  • Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for the encouraging note – we’ve had a fantastic experience working with Penguin so far, and they’re certainly open to experimenting with online. It’s refreshing to work with people who see online as an opportunity and not just as a threat to traditional publishing.

    Our latest story has gone live today, and while it’s a traditional infographic/comic book style story, we’ve got something in the pipeline for next week that should be quite fun.

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