All my neuroses suddenly make sense

Gawker quotes from the transcript of Reliable Sources yesterday, in which I tell how my own mother didn’t notice my byline. Now you’ll understand me.

: My stand on the segment was that it makes no sense for local newspapers to hold onto movie critics as they risk losing real reporters. Among the comments at Gawker:

* “One could argue that the man who invented Entertainment weekly cheapened all kinds of criticism by keeping it short, adding letter grades, and so on. So it is no surprise he would want to get rid of all critics. They are obviously interchangeable to him and only matter when they give letter grades, and anyone can give a letter grade. Putz.”

Well, I think that was a rather succinct review itself. I think he gives me an F.

* “But if they get rid of all the movie critics from smaller papers, where are the mediocre movies going to get their rave reviews to quote in their ads and trailers?”

Blurb shortage strikes Hollywood.

* “Jarvis lost my respect when he did not approve my add on facebook. Looks like you need Columbia to hang out with smartypants. fuck him. seriously.”

This signed by someone named Moe Golden. I know no Moe. I also have nothing to do with Columbia. And I’m not inclined to befriend anybody named Moe who wants to fuck me, seriously. This may be why Moe has no friends. Now we’ve understood the neuroses of two people on the web.

* “Yeah, I didn’t invent EW or anything, but I’m a reporter and my mom often quotes my stories to me not realizing I wrote them. I usually just ignore it, grateful she’s getting her news from someone other than Bill O’Reilly. But really Jarvis? Don’t take away my fucking byline.”

Get a blog.