‘The art of hypocrisy’

I was just thinking that we hadn’t really seen any slick, citizen-made attack ads on YouTube since the Hillary 1984 spot. But this morning, I find two, just put up, going after Barack Obama. They use the same video template to make two points — one about the disenfranchised voters of Florida and Michigan, the other about Obama’s campaign contributions from what the videographer calls special interests. The tagline: “The art of hypocrisy.”

The Florida/Michigan spot (which also throws darts at Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi):

The campaign contribution spot:

  • Eric Jaffa

    The campaign contribution video is bogus.

    Barack Obama didn’t get donations from any of those corporations.

    He got hard-money donations from employees of those corporations.

    Employees should donate to Barack Obama.

  • Jeff – for one who’s castigated the Obama campaign (and his supporters for that matter) as being all hype and no substance, for you to turn around and promote this tripe is surprisingly disingenuous.

    About that fundraising. Eric’s right – these are hard money donations from employees, not PACs or soft money contributions. And while slick packaging appears to impress you (when it’s in favor of Hillary), those pesky facts tell a different story:

    Top recipients, 2008, from lobbyists:

    Top recipients, 2008, from securities and investing:

    Top recipients, 2008, from mortgage banking:

    Top recipients, 2008, from finance/credit companies:

    The short answer? Hillary has received more money in every one of those industries than Barack. In some cases (like lobbyists), more than 8x.

    Hypocritical indeed.

  • Jeff,

    Those two videos are somewhat creative … and yet, I find myself strangely unmoved ;-)

    Yeah, I agree with Eric, the campaign contribution video is, at a minimum, misleading.

    And I heard this story yesterday on NPR: Obama has received $6.7 million from financial institution employees … and Hillary Clinton has received $6.6 million. That’s a pretty darn slim margin of difference, wouldn’t you say?

    The anti-Obama folk are going to need better material than this, I’m afraid.

    BTW — I’d like to know what you (and others) think about Bob Cesca’s new video “The Tide Is Turning”? I think it’s the greatest thing since the will.i.am “Yes We Can” video, but you know I’m biased that way:

    Steve K.

  • Charles

    Just curious, if these are hard money donations, how are they tied to corporations? Do you report your donations to your employer? I don’t. Am I required to do this?

  • Charles – The campaigns need to gather info about you when you contribute, including your employer. All donations $200 and above are reported to the FEC.

  • Warren AE

    For good data, the Federal Election Commission.
    They have good search and analysis menus there.
    Check it out.

    Obama and Hillary take about the same type of % breakdowns from various contribution levels. Basically, they both got money from bundlers, special interests or whatever name we call them. People probably gripe about Obama on that he overplays the no-special-interest, no-lobbyist card too much. They’re both hardcore politicians practicing the same good old politics and tapping into the same good old money sources.

  • AJ Fish

    Given the griping comments, we can probably conclude those videos hit a nerve!

  • “Barack Obama didn’t get donations from any of those corporations.
    He got hard-money donations from employees of those corporations.
    Employees should donate to Barack Obama.”


    That’s how big corporations sneak in lots of money to candidates and get around the donation laws. Duh.

    Barack is the only one claiming he doesn’t get lots of corporate contributions, big special interest money, etc. Because of the way they donate to him, he thinks he can hide the fact that he’s lying about that. He’s as full of dirty special interest money as any other campaign. Add to these Big Coal, nuclear and all his Wall Street buds. Thanks for the videos, I’m using them on my sites. They’re good!

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