Elected by Google

Webguild has amazing numbers on Barack Obama’s online spending. They report that in February, he spent $1 million on Google vs. Hillary Clinton’s $67,000, according to Federal Election Commission filings. He spent nearly $100,000 on Yahoo ads; she spent about a tenth of that. He spent an additional $58,000 on Yahoo search ads; she spent none. He spent $4,900 on Facebook; she spent none.

Spending money is only one way Obama and company have used the internet — particuarly the social internet — well. But they are spending money smarter.

  • PXLated

    Yep – Just proves Clinton is old school – no “change” in that candidate.

  • Steve Mays

    “Elected by Google” I contributed to the Obama campaign and don’t recall seeing one add on Google (I use gmail, google reader, maps, etc). I just didn’t notice. I just turned 60 and this is the first time in my life I’ve given money to a political campaign. Couldn’t we say, “Elected by Steve?”

  • It’s a case stud in the making, no doubt. Hurry up and finish that WWGD book and get on this one.

  • Okay, that should say case STUDY, not stud. I mean, I like Obama, voted for him in the primary, donated to his campaign. But I wouldn’t go so far as as call him a stud.

  • joe

    It might also mean that Obama is getting a lot more clickthrus than Hillary.

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