I never liked Slate

And now I like them less. They have a flack send me email bragging that they’ve started a Hillary death watch. Fuck Slate.

Wearing your Obama button, Jake?

: Later: OK, I’m being intemperate. The wine talking. And frustration. But I really am sick of the media efforts to do in Clinton. The lack of self-awareness about it is shocking.

  • Steve

    Jeff, are you suggesting that there isn’t a meeting of the minds between you and the fruit of your loins?

  • No, slate’s Jake. That jake is nonpartisan.

  • Jeff – got the same piece o’ crap – on the site, they’re comparing her to Saddam. Utterly sickening. The press is out of control, and deeply in love.

  • Another sickening detail – one of the people doing this at Slate is a Dutko Fellow at the Tisch College of Citizenship and Public Service at Tufts. I won’t mention his name here so as to preserve a possible career. But what a horrific waste of fellowship money.

  • nil

    well, at least some people still believe in Clinton:

  • Steve

    I admit to a perverse wish that you had an Obamaffspring in your house. I would have been willing to consider a sort of rotisserie parenting league in which Id take Jake and you could have my 29 year old son who, although having worked in a policy position for the Republicans (a shame in and of itself) has defected to Clinton, heat and soul.

    Now to get serious: Of course you guys have legitimate points, and of course any argument by either side suggesting that the oither candidate should do “something for the good of the party and country” is patent bullshit. Any idea that Senator Clinton’s candidacy merits a death watch is also patent bullshit.

    When my candidate Obama does it, it’s bullshit. When Hillary does it, the same. I may favor Obama for reasons completely unrelated to his star power or romance or the general public frenzy, but not for a second would I give him even an inch of slack when it comes to the question of whether any words coming out of his mouth can be trusted to be anything oither than self-serving.

    Same with his opponent.

    I guess what I don’t get is your vehemence about it. Slate did something you and Tom W. find patently stupid. Fine. Neither would I ask that anyone hold back emotion that they feel when they think something is patently stupid.

    But what’s with this vehemence? You are one of those who has guided me through thios wonderfully diverse world in which infinitely more voices are available to be considered. This is part of that wonderful cacophony and, while I know that you would certainly celebrate Slate’s right to do something you think is idiotic at the same time as you loathe it, I dont get the extent of the outrage.

    Slate is partisan. And while this little bit of nonsense favors my candidate, it is a pretty dumb feature. Really dumb.

    But does the infaction really rise to the level of a “Fuck You” or as Tom W. says” a “sickening detail” or “crap?”

    Sickening? An outrage? Crap? Hardly.

    Both Senators Clinton and Obama, as well as the various outlets that either support or oppose each of them, have each been more than guilty of a slew outrages and craps and fucks.

    But this? They are trying to end her candidacy, which to this Obama supporter is also idiotic. A scam. A tactical volley. Hardly a mortal sin.

    By the way, the idea that it is sickening that one of the people doing it holds one fellowship or another and that this fact proves the fellowship is a waste of money actually does rise to the “crap” level.

    Is the Slate deal scholarship? Of fucking course not. But I have advised doctoral students and given out such fellowships and there is certainly no understanding that the recipients cannot also engage in blatantly, even dumb, partisan politics. Is Tom suggesting that the fact of this Fellow involvement is reason to take away the fellowship? Does Tom know the fellow? Does Tom know the quality of his or her work?

    Look, from the Obama side I share your view that attempts to chase her from the race are dumb, wrong, and unfair. It’s just that I dont see our system as so frail that it cant survive even a viciously contested nomination and that includes going all the way to the convention.

    I guess I have too much experience in electoral politics to see blatantly self-interested candidates or media outlets as less crap and fuck and stupid than simply doing everything they can to boost their candidate and finish off the other.

    Save your “fuck yous.” My candidate and your candidate and Slate and Arianna and Josh and the whole peanut gallery will eventually present you with some full-blown nonsense that will truly merit this rage.

  • Steve

    I take back everything I said. I had not read your remark about intemperance.

    Hey I have an idea, you could do sort of a digital version of that idiotic old show that Hugh Hefner used to do from the Playboy mansion where he’s sit aorund in that dumb smoking jacket.

    There could Buzzmachine Day and BuzzmachineMidnightCafe, the latter leaving being sort of news in a digital world fueled by Jack Daniels.

  • Sebastian

    News flash: she did herself in. Call it the worst run campaign in modern history. But it’s a good history lesson to future democratic candidates on what not to do: Ignore the caucuses, don’t have a strategy for post Feb 5th, and hope that a modest margin of victory in the big democratic strongholds is enough. Feel free to cede all momentum to your opponent.

    She’s done. Her fault. The End.

  • Tom Mc.

    Jeff, your lack of self-awareness is what’s shocking. This is just another Hillary fanboy post. Coupled with your whining about MI and FL while exhorting others to live with the system (except when the system doesn’t work for your candidate) is fascinating to watch. In the same way a train wreck is fascinating to watch: I wish I could turn away but I can’t. Hypocritical much?

  • Jeremy C.

    Tom W. – You’re SO off base with you comment. They’re comparing the Hillary “Deathwatch” to a similar “Saddameter” which was guessing the timing of our invasion of Iraq. For you to state that they are comparing the two people is simply asinine.

    Jeff – I don’t really see too much of this article on Slate that isn’t simply FACT. The media trying to “do in” Clinton? PUH-LEEZ! She and her slime-ball surrogates have done ALL of the heavy lifting on that particular effort.

    The funny thing is, the MSM is actually pretty far behind in their realization that it’s simply over for HRC and baring a revelation that Obama likes little boys more that “just friends”, she’s coming off more and more desperate as the days pass. She’s already done enough damage to our party and movement at this point. Shut it down, PLEASE!

  • It’s never been a better time to be a McCain fan.

  • Slate just got some free publicity from BuzzMachine.com, which I’m sure is exactly what they were going for. Good on ya, Jeff ;-)

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