The real reason I went to SXSW was to accompany my son and webmaster, Jake, as his aide and chauffeur. I was along for the ride. When Henry Copeland invited me to join his panel, I hesitated and then he pulled an unfair move: He told me that I should bring Jake and if I didn’t, I would be a really bad dad. Henry was right. So off to SXSW we went. Watching Jake in his element was, of course, the highlight of the weekend. People knew him from his Facebook programming. And he got to meet and hear some of his idols, the rock stars of the creation generation: Kevin Rose, Matt Mullenweg, Mark Zuckerberg, Ev Williams, Gary Vaynerchuk, Andrew Baron, Jim Louderback, and more folks from Twitter, Pownce, Digg, Revision3. And Robert Scoble, too. And they were all wonderfully gracious to us. He had fun. I was proud.

One of the highlights was Sarah Meyers’ interview with Jake for Pop17, in which she got another of her many scoops, this one about the sale of his Facebook app:

And here are father and son, resplendent in convention badges (thanks to Tony Pierce):


We ate out with my teammates from Daylife and with Lionel Menchaca from Dell; we had the good sense not to get into the line for the Google party; we saw a few premiere movies; we got t-shirts and schwag. A perfect weekend, I’d say.

  • So my son is four, and I’m trying to figure out what I need to start doing now to make sure he turns out like this.

    I guess “be Jeff Jarvis” would be a good first step.

  • Jeff,

    I really enjoyed reading this post, and watching Jake’s interview.
    Too bad I wasn’t able to meet you guys in SXSW.
    Hope to finally meet Jake on my next visit to New York.


  • Crawford

    Yeah, and to think, in order to spend a weekend like this with our sons, we used to have to put on a scout uniform and sleep in a sopping wet tent in the woods.

    Looks like it was great fun. Congrats.

  • Jeff,

    I bet you that you both remember the time together long after you have forgotten everything else about SXSW.

    You have “chosen the better part”. Well done, and I glad to see you enjoyed it.

  • OMG, Jeff. Sarah’s, like, lusting after your, like, son! Great stuff, proud Papa. Great stuff.

  • Jeff, it’s great that you can share your passion for new media with your son. How many parents don’t have to opportunity to be so involved with their kids’ pursuits?

    BTW, I think the sopping-wet-tent-in-the-woods thing can be fun also.

  • Great interview! “16?!?!” It was a huge pleasure to see you and Jake doing SXSW together. Thank you for your help with the Suxorz. Thank God we didn’t get the twittifried.

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  • It was great meeting Jake (and seeing you again) too! Now I have to decide just how old my son needs to be before I bring him to South-By… He’s 8 now, so I have a few years to decide!


  • Bob Garfield

    MY daughter recently colored a pretty picture of a dinosaur.

    She is 26.

  • Vineet


    It was awesome to hangout with you guys. Look forward to see more of Jake here in daylife offices during his summer vacation..write us some code boy!


  • Vineet

    And yes I am jealous of you Jake..

  • it is not hard looking at the son to see who the father is.

  • What a proud father! Rightfully so. Seems like a good kid. Happy to enjoy virtually.

  • “Are older people, um, jealous?” “You’re kind of a whiz kid, right?”

    What I want to know is what technology / software they used for those cool wipes and zooms, going from 2-shot to solo shots on a 1-camera shoot.