Signs of London

Puke a pie? No thanks.


Wouldn’t we all like to post that over our doors?


  • Hey Jeff, it’s “Pukka” which means proper, authentic or superior in it’s British usage or more accurately cooked or ripe in it’s original Urdu or Hindi meaning. Pronounced Puck-ka.

    We have a low level insult here along the lines of “Who ate all the pies!” when addressing someone of larger girth, one reason I have for many years been the unofficial face of Pukka Pies, it’s been my avatar in many places for a long time….

  • We have the Famous Chicken in San Diego, but I guess that’s somewhat different from the Famous Cock.

    … unsuccessfully resisting the urge to ask if the Famous Cock sells bangers …

  • I guess such landmarks are difficult to bypass without a smirk or two. I have never been to London but one day, I hope to actually have the resources to get on a plane and travel for hours and hours. But for now, I guess I’ll just make do with the funny stuff we have back in our country.

  • What’s funniest is that you consider these unusual, Jeff. Everyday sights for Londoners like us. Pukka Pies are a (somewhat regrettable) national institution.

    I never considered the vomit connotation or indeed the fowl ulterior motive of sinking a couple at the famous cock.

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