Step back from the hairbrush or I’ll shoot

We’re thinking of taking the kids to Washington on vacation and when I looked up getting tours of the White House — possible only for groups of 10, by the way (making me want to invite six random people to join in) — I found a most peculiar list of White House contraband:

Prohibited items include, but are not limited to, the following: handbags, book bags, backpacks, purses, food and beverages of any kind, strollers, cameras, video recorders or any type of recording device, tobacco products, personal grooming items (make-up, hair brush or comb, lip or hand lotions, etc.), any pointed objects (pens, knitting needles, etc.), aerosol containers, guns, ammunition, fireworks, electric stun guns, mace, martial arts weapons/devices, or knives of any size. The U.S. Secret Service reserves the right to prohibit any other personal items. Umbrellas, wallets, cell phones and car keys are permitted.

Damn, no stun guns. But no personal grooming items? Afraid we might comb Bush’s hair?