Links as news

Scott Karp’s Publish2, though still in beta, did some neat work with some wired editors for election night using the social bookmarking tool to enable journalists to compile lists of the best links on election night. Here‘s Jack Lail of KnoxNews writing about how they’re using it and here is the latest fruit of their linking.

What I like about this is that it’s outward looking and linking for news sites but also that it is collaborative. The idea is that good reporters are gathering these links in the course of their work and now here’s a tool that lets them share those links with each other and their readers in the normal course of their work (without having to make time to put together that damned sidebar box). It’s also a glimpse into their work and their sources and that’s both interesting and usefully transparent.

(Disclosure: I’m on the board of Publish2. And while I’m bragging about portfolio companies — well, unlike Fred Wilson, I don’t have a portfolio, I mere have friends — here’s a mention of Daylife, where I’m a partner…)

Also check out Daylife’s tracking of the news coverage of candidates and issues. Clinton won more delegates last night, but Obama continues to get more coverage.


Note also the Daylife Issuedex, showing a sharp increase in coverage of health care. And a damned good thing..

(I’m involved in both these companies because I think they provide new tools for journalism and election night provides a nice illustration.)