I’m forever in search of that thing that lets me come back to things later but doesn’t become a mess. Bookmarks quickly became a mess. Email is a mess. My tabs are a mess — I keep opening up new ones vowing to read that thing later, only to come back a week later and say nevermind. Instapaper (no apparent relation) is a very easy way to save something with one click, which I found via David Weinberger on Twitter.

  • ged

    yeah, i don’t get it.

    no I did’t bother resgistering – it looks like it wants to install something (a “Read Later” button or something…?) in your browser which I have no interest in.

    at any rate, i just wonder, if you aren’t motivated enough to read something later which you bookmarked or opened in a tab, what’s the incentive to go to a third party site to do so?

  • Perry

    Doesn’t install anything. Just something to put on your Toolbar.

    It’s clean and simple.

    But it uses cookies. Not good if you’re like me and clear your cookies periodically.

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