Davos08: Collaborative innovation

In a session on collaborative innovation — a theme of this year’s Davos — Mark Parker of Nike tells the crowd that Nike plus — the gadget you put on your shoe to hook you into your iPod and the internet and a network of runners — has hit 40 million miles run so far. What’s coolest is that the system connects runners so they communicate and get together to organize races. The internet is all about making connections. Those who enable those connections win.

Later, Reuters’ Tom Glocer says the company has an internal innovation program that budgets money to ideas employees can submit in one page.

  • Interesting, where can I find more info on Reuters innovation intra page?

  • It’s a shame that nike doesn’t open up the system and let other running shoe manufacturers use the system.

    Those Nike’s will kill your knees, there are much better shoes out there.

    If they opened up, then they’d be connecting many millions more runners which would would make the value pie bigger for all. If they really cared about running, and bringing together people to have fun, be fit and excel at running, then they would open up. That would be a very strong message and one that was truly collaborative.

    Nike cares about running.

  • steve kit

    Gordon, you can put the nike thingie in any shoe, you just have to place it in the laces.