In Davos: notes

I’m in Davos.

The WEF’s new mobile sign-up kiosk is utterly hosed this morning as delegates try to sign up — I assume — for Al Gore and Bono.

I’m watching people leave my hotel and their breath is forming complete cumulolimbus clouds.

The hotel room has one electric plug. I was prescient and bought an extension cord in Munich. Talk about expanding the grid. Start here.

I have my mojo kit from Reuters, thanks to Nokia as well: An N82 phone with which I plan to take and post videos. I’ll also be posting to Comment is Free.

Last night for dinner: rösti with ham, mushrooms, and racelette cheese. I’m in a two-week European no-cholesterol-counting zone.

Getting ready for leading two panels tomorrow with an incredible bunch of panelists. One is on internet (over)stimulation; I’ll argue we’re not. Another fascinating topic asks whether the challengers (e.g., bloggers) are still challenging as they join the stream. Panelists at the first session include Lee Bollinger of Columbia.
Panelists at the second include one of Google’s founders, Cisco’s John Chambers, Accel’s Joe Schoendorf.

So off we go. I’ll post as the Swiss power grid allows.