DLD: Martha sells

Martha Stewart just got the Aenne Burda award (previously won by Marissa Meyer of Google and Caterina Fake of Flickr) and now she’s doing her favorite shtick: She opens up her gadget bag, a large gadget bag, with poor Tyler Brûlé playing her Vanna White. Bizarre. Everything is in plastic bags. Is Martha going Tupperware in her advanced years?

Now she talks about her blog. “The blog is a really, really important part of my business. People think of me as their friend. And I am their friend…. I will be blogging about this trip and I have a lot to tell my friends.”

She says, however, that she doesn’t respond to her friends who are on Facebook. “I’m sorry,” she snips.

“I’m as plugged in about as many executive in America… I’ve been in Bill Gates’ bedroom and I see how he’s plugged-in.”

It’s fairly apparent that Martha hijacked the agenda. She was scheduled for a half-hour conversation with Brûlé but went on for longer on her own and then Brûlé got to ask his own questions, whichi included a bizarre beginning about people’s pictures in magazines looking like crap.

LATER: Finally got a video snippet up: