Twittered brands

Another place brands need to monitor, especially techy brands: Twitter. Here‘s what they’re saying today about the MacBook Air. Many agree — including me — that not being able to swap out a spare battery is a killer (or even attach a supplementary battery). Damn.

  • Scott

    Although no need for Apple to check Twitter during the keynote cos it was broken!

  • The Air is not an “everybody wants it” item. It’s for those who are willing to make some tradeoffs in favor of the light weight and battery life. It’s probably going to be a 2nd computer for most of the people who get it.

  • Garbanzi

    Imagine that — Apply selling hard-to-service equipment. Dates all the back to the Mac 128K and MBA is the latest example (the iMac is hardly any better). It’s not wonder why corporate IT departments haven’t embraced Apple technology (ignoring the huge price difference, proprietary closed technology, the lack of a public product roadmap, and a general arrogance).