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I heartily recommend following Ana Marie Cox on Twitter. It’s a medium made for her: the great ad lib, the beautiful bon mot, the sly snark. The other day, I told friends about one of her tweets when she was sharing things overheard on the Romney bus: The only meat known to improve other meats when added is bacon. They must have been leaving an Iowa hog farm. Her latest lines (starting at last night’s GOP debate and moving backward):

* Ron Paul has the voice of a sick cat.
* Huck should just plead the 5th on foreign policy.
* Who gave Fred Thompson a Red Bull?
* McCain staffers very excited and pleased about the prospect of “Team McCain: California” jackets.
* Going to buy a swimsuit. Why can’t SC be “first in the nation”?
* First washing-of-underwear-in-sink of presidential cycle 2008!
* After a week in New Hampshire, where people talked about this “Obamer” fellow, Southern accents sound like a foreign language.
* Enjoying immensely that the pundits got it all, all, globally wrong. In most professions, you’d lose your job.
* Chided for coming up to talk to the candidate. “We have rules now,” says the staffer. “Things have changed.”
* What day is it? Thursnesday? Friturday? So tired I can’t finish complete thou…..
* Traffic jam. I blame the Ron Paul people.
* The McCain campaign’s hate for Romney is so pure that you could cure sick children with it.
* Watching Fred Thompson talk about/look like death.

LATER: Jim Long, blogging, vlogging, twitering network photog, gives us moment-by-moment twits as he covers the president in the Mideast. Two of the latest:

* Emir’s palace is totally Vegas
* holy crap! the Emir’s palace is HUGE!

  • Not one of her last 100 tweets is conversational (beginning with @[username]. Plus, she only follows 1 out of 7 people who follow her. That’s not how Twitter is supposed to be used (which is not something that the creators of the service get to decide: Twitter’s tag line is “What are you doing?”; some people argue that it should be “what are you thinking?”, but it really should be “talk to people”. You do that by listening and responding to other people).

  • I’m guessing that AMC might have been watching this Jim Gaffigan video when she made her bacon twit.

  • Jaap, I’m totally with you on the idea that the creators don’t get to decide how it’s used.

    That said, why do some users have any say in how others should use it?

    The only thing more boring than reading a bunch of “my dog just licked me” updates (the original intent of Twitter, essentially) is reading a bunch of half-conversations.

    AMC is using Twitter as a micro-publishing medium, which is interesting. Who cares if she doesn’t follow people back (and I say this as a long-time Livejournal user, very aware of the social forum need to have one’s “friends” be mutual).

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  • Jeesh,
    Isn’t it too soon and too closed and too snooty to dictate an orthodoxy for the tool? I think she’s using it interestingly as she is on the road. You don’t like how she’s using it? then don’t follow her. That’s the beauty of Twitter, eh?

  • AMC on Twitter is truly epic. I always wondered how Melanie Thorton from “Dog Days” would operate in a Web 2.0 world, and now I know!

  • I think she’s making excellent use of the medium in a way that is obviously entertaining to a lot of people. It doesn’t have to be the right way, or the way it should be used, or make everyone chuckle to be a good usage of a newish tool.

  • Thanks for recommending this Jeff. I’ve been following it since you did and really been enjoying it. She’s quite witty.

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  • Bas

    John Dickerson, from Slate, also covers the various campaigns on Twitter: http://twitter.com/jdickerson

  • thanks for the recommendation, twitter evolves as the world evolves… organically, chaotically… can’t wait to see it in a year or so.

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