New Hampshire tears

My college-freshman thesis analyzed the coverage of Edmund Muskie’s “loss” in New Hampshire — even though he won, but not by the margin MSM had predicated and demanded, which made them declare him the loser. It was bullshit. It didn’t help that he cried. Now here’s Hillary Clinton nearing tears and I’d say it helped her. It made her human. But I wouldn’t suggest that Romney try crying.

  • Harold

    Who was the person who asked her the question that made her tear up?

  • Colin Kerr

    Could be that John McCain is the biggest winner from New Hampshire. Made a great speech after his victory and is playing the age and maturity card very cleverly.

    But why did the pollsters get the Democratic result so wrong?

  • tom

    Jeff I think you were right when you said that the internet was a key factor in Obama’s success. But you were also right when you pointed out the meaninglessness of his “change” mantra. That is why he stumbled in New Hampshire. The internet may be wide, but it’s not shallow.

  • Harry

    You’re human if you cry for someone else, like a crippled child, a wounded war vet, or an AIDS patient. Crying in those circumstances shows you care about someone other than yourself.

    If, like Hillary, you cry out of self-pity—-especially you’re only experiencing some minor bumps in the road of an otherwise very comfortable life—-you’re just showing yourself to be weak and vain.

  • chico haas

    Harry’s right. In that context, it’s not Presidential. NH notwithstanding, it’s the single most damaging thing she’s done. Other than not muzzling Bill from making extemporaneous remarks like: “I can’t make her younger…”

  • Umm, in the teary moments race it’s Romney 3, Clinton, 1. (

  • Sarah

    1) Has anyone watched the clip? She didn’t cry. There were no tears. Her throat got a little tight because she was exhausted as heck and talking about something that meant a lot to her. Passion isn’t presidential?

    2) Anyone making the argument that her tears hurt or helped her is just buying into Chris Matthews’ and everyone’s inherent sexism towards Hillary’s entire campaign. Did anyone see the montage on the Daily Show of the all the male politicians getting weepy without anyone making a federal case out of it? My head will explode if one more person talks about this like it matters.

    3) I argue that NH voters don’t like to be caught up the media coronation of a candidate. I think the undecideds broke for Hillary because the media was all but measuring the drapes in the presidential bedroom for Obama and we were all like “Hey now, not so fast.” It’s happened before (Mccain in 2000, Buchanan in 92/96).

    4) I am a female Independent voter who decided yesterday morning to vote for Hillary and it had zero to do with her mythical “tears”…if I were going to vote based on that I’d have voted for Huckabee, since Chuck Norris’ tears cure cancer (too bad he never cries).

  • chico haas


    1) You are correct about no tears. Teary-eyed is more accurate. You are correct about passion being Presidential. However, self-pity, which is what I took from the clip, isn’t.

    2) I know you don’t really mean “tears.” The idea of “inherent sexism” gives one great latitude in dismissing criticism. Lots of ill-advised behavior unhinges Presidential campaigns. Dukakis’ head out of the tank, Dean’s Yarrrrgh.

    3) Likely correct.

    4) I’m not laying a bet you’d ever vote for Huckabee.