@twitcrit 1.1

Dave Winer, doodling as only he can, has made an elegantly clean interface for reading @twitcrit posts here. Take a look.

I’d love to see lots of people sharing their instareviews during The Wire tonight. Or during the playoffs. In Twitter, all you have to do is type “@twitcrit” at the start of your nonoreview.

I like this better than liveblogging because it’s collaborative; we all get to comment. And it’s simpler than IRC for events and also can include mobile phone SMS input.

  • I think that I really like the concept, but wouldn’t it be great if it were possible to aggregate instareviews/twitcrits by topic? or is it really meant to be pure stream of consumer consciousness?

  • Here’s another (rough & ready) @twitcrit aggregator – with search interface and SPARQL query endpoint/API (yes, it’s Semantic Web-enabled). it’s only been live a couple of hours, so there’s not much data in it yet.

  • Kurt Greenbaum

    Jeff: I suggest adding a link from your TwitCrit page on Twitter to an explanation on BuzzMachine. You might get more participation — if that’s what you seek. Folks who follow me, for example, might click the twitcrit link, but not really know what it’s all about or how to participate.

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