Talk back to the Queen

Queen Elizabeth got considerable press for opening up a YouTube channel for her Christmas message. Now Sky News is asking the people for their messages back to the Queen. Email the clip to [email protected] or upload it to YouTube and tag it SkyChristmasSpeech.

  • May God Bless You Indeed Queen Elizabeth
    thank you for putting Jesus in your Christmas message
    I am a Christian, a homemaker , a mother and grandmother
    I admire you, thank you for going on you tube with your christmas message, so the whole world could hear it
    I live in Bossier City, Louisiana
    thank you

  • By taking the decision to post on You Tube, The Queen has shown everyone how she is very much in touch with the changing trends of the nation and is definitely a Monarch of our times. It is now 50 year’s since the Queen’s first Christmas broadcast. Technology has certainly moved on since then. Long may her majesty reign over us!