Singing Digg’s praises

Can you imagine anyone writing a song about the New York Times or Good Morning, America, or, for that matter, Yahoo? No. But here’s a song about Digg:

Now a cynic might say that young Kina Grannis wrote this song about Digg so it would get Dugg (4,178 times, at last count) and so many young (geeky and possibly lonely) guys would discover kismet with a very pretty girl and do what she says: namely, vote for her in a Doritos contest to have her video shown on the SuperBowl. A cynic would say that but I wouldn’t. She’s too young and fresh to be grizzled.

And the lesson I prefer to take away is that the successful media brands of the future will be the ones that are owned and loved and promoted by their users (formerly known as their audience).

The fanboys can be tiresome, they always are outspoken
And if you’re listening Kevin Rose, the comment system’s broken!
I know digg isn’t perfect, but be thankful for what we’ve got
It’s just like daddy always says: “At least it’s not Slashdot!!!”

Chorus: Gotta digg, gotta digg, gotta digg
Gotta make this story big!
Did you hear that awful sound?
Another server’s down!

Anyone care to try to write lyrics for a New Yorker theme?