The year

Here’s my year-in-review piece for Media Guardian. The lede: “Never mind websites. Forget page views. They’re so 2006. This was the year of Facebook.” The kicker: “This may have been Facebook’s year. But so far, it is still Google’s century.”

  • I think this was the year where video replaced words as the most popular way for people to express themselves online.

    This fits with my feeling that we are entering the post-literate age. Youngsters have little interest in reading or writing, but understand all the nuances of the visual language used in TV and film. YouTube may be the next place to be.

    To take a simple example, compare how flashbacks were handled in movies of the 1940’s to 1980’s. Now look at how it is done, the visual clues are missing (fadeouts and the like) and the flashbacks are non-linear.

  • As Google well knows, “it’s not about search; it’s about content.” We haven’t seen anyone break that code yet and deliver a hit webshow. (and btw, wouldn’t subtitles be a nice enhancement to YouTube?)

  • Let’s hope ’08 is not about content, at least not in the mass sense of the word. As Google is transforming from search engine to answer engine (Jakob Nielsen usability theory is dead on), better resources will emerge for consumers, b2b and social media/online developers. Without solid online resources, we’re just swimming in a sea of endless search hits vs. riding the wave of opportunity.

  • Colin Kerr

    A friend of mine is looking for some software for his son who is studying design in school.

    Not too sure what area he wants to develop but possibly game design.

    Any suggestions?

  • Surely someone must see a little irony in millions of words being written about words disappearing…