Every page a home page

I went to Aftonbladet.se, the site of the large Swedish tabloid, to check out what Martin Stabe pointed me to: the impact of a paper’s site adding blog links to those bloggers. It’s a nice feature with popup profiles of the bloggers at each link.

But I discovered something even more interesting: We’ve heard news sites preach the gospel of making “every page a home page” since readers more and more are coming into content directly from search and links and not from a packaged home page. This presents the challenge of how to promote and lure readers to more content.

Well, Aftonbladet seems to have taken the every-page-a-home-page strategy quite literally: As I clicked around from story to story, the bottom half of each page was filled with the content from the home page. The home page followed me around, trying to tempt me to try something else they’d packaged and recommended.