Prepare to be boarded

MediaGuardian’s Stephen Brook reports that, as rumored, Times of London editor Robert Thompson is bound for the U.S. to become publisher of the Wall Street Journal once his boss Rupert Murdoch closes the sale. Thompson is smart and respected. I think the Times under his leadership is good and on this trip, reading it more regularly, I think it’s improving. And don’t forget that when he was with teh Financial Times in New York, Thompson exploded its circulation. Add to this Murdoch’s noises about expanding coverage and taking on the New York Times.

And we have a newspaper war. Let’s hope we do. For it would only improve both papers. As always, when I’m in London, I’m struck by the benefit that accrues to all papers from their competitive and innovative fervor. I understand the arguments that Murdoch would be better to stick to business but selfishly, I hope he does give the Times a run. The old, gray lady needs to clear out her arteries.