I’m off to London for a week and a half today. Flying again on SilverJet so I can sleep (disclosure: I got a comped return thanks to my attendance at a Founders’ Club event; since I bought the ticket late, the net is that I’m paying their regular rate). If I can get a flat-bed seat and sleep on the way over to Europe, it makes all the difference in the world; I gain a day of consciousness. I’ll be working at the Guardian and SkyNews and have lots of other things scheduled: a visit at the BBC, a Yahoo event, a trip to Cambridge, a bonfire. I always leave London energized by the innovation and action there vs. the often Eeyorish moaning I hear here. I’ll also leave London poorer; the dollar is a mess and I’ll be lucky to afford Wimpy burgers. Here’s how bad it is: I’m staying at a Holiday Inn. I think I could be fired from Conde Nast for that if I hadn’t quit. Reports will come as wifi allows.

  • Bon voyage. I used to save money in London by eating the Indian street food and the occasional kidney pie. You go to Europe and learn that to be American–unless you’re rich–is to be poor, or at least to feel that way.

  • It would be good to meet up with you if you are in Cambridge – would be pleased to show you around.

  • Jeff, was good to put faces to blogs again, however briefly. A quick ‘hotel’ suggestion next time round. The Frontline Club – who I work with – have pretty good rooms available from £50 a night, free wifi etc. You’ll need to register to see the rooms,

    Great clubroom for members – not expensive to join as an overseas based bloke – and a great base to schedule your meetings at. Just a thought.