I’m off to London for a week and a half today. Flying again on SilverJet so I can sleep (disclosure: I got a comped return thanks to my attendance at a Founders’ Club event; since I bought the ticket late, the net is that I’m paying their regular rate). If I can get a flat-bed seat and sleep on the way over to Europe, it makes all the difference in the world; I gain a day of consciousness. I’ll be working at the Guardian and SkyNews and have lots of other things scheduled: a visit at the BBC, a Yahoo event, a trip to Cambridge, a bonfire. I always leave London energized by the innovation and action there vs. the often Eeyorish moaning I hear here. I’ll also leave London poorer; the dollar is a mess and I’ll be lucky to afford Wimpy burgers. Here’s how bad it is: I’m staying at a Holiday Inn. I think I could be fired from Conde Nast for that if I hadn’t quit. Reports will come as wifi allows.