I’m miscellaneous

I’m an idiot. I was just writing a post recommending David Weinberger’s Everything’s Miscellaneous — which I recommend constantly to editors, publishers, technologists, and investors — and so I wanted to link to my earlier post raving about the book and its importance in society. Only I now see that I never posted it. I’d read the book in galley form and had to wait to blog about it until it was released. But then I must have thought that I had blogged about it since I had talk about it so often (and the usual order for bloggers is to write about things first and then repeat what they’ve blogged in real conversation). So I’m the absent-minded professor. My brain is miscellaneous. I need someone to tag it. I’ll pay particular attention to the ‘missing’ tag. I’m criminally late to this but I do heartily recommend David’s book to anyone who wants to understand the fundamental change in the architecture of information in society, including media, learning, and business. It’s a mind-opener and almost as fun as listening to David himself. So if you haven’t already followed someone else’s recommendation to buy Everything’s Miscellaneous, please follow mine.