Super-wire me

McDonald’s in the UK is going to offer free wi-fi. Please, please do likewise in the U.S.

  • In Israel, McDonald’s have been doing that for at least 2-3 years.

  • It’s likely coming soon. Here in Sacramento, CA, we’re a test market for fast food things from many chains. We often see products advertised here and six months later see national ads announcing the new product. Items are served here that never see the light of day nationwide.

    And most McDonalds around here have had free wifi for most of the year. Never tried it, since I’m not a McDonalds eater, but I see the huge window signage on every street corner.

  • Liz Viall

    I visit Anchorage (yes, Alaska) a lot, and I know a couple of the McDonald’s there have free wifi.

  • TomR

    Jeff, I’ve been seeing free WiFi at McDonald’s and Chick-Fil-A (a much tastier alternative and their diet lemonade rocks!) locations in my driving trips from AR to MN and SC over the last six months.

    Why drive those long distances? Air travel is simply a godawful way to move about the country, we have Sirius in the car, and my wife and I enjoy the time together.

  • Sudy

    Our local McDonald’s here in the Panhandle of Florida already does offer the free WiFi, as well as the large screen, HD television, kids play area, and all the other typical McDonald’s offerings. Though I essentially don’t use the service, I appreciate that it is there. Not all of the McDonald’s in the area do offer WiFi, but a number of them do.

  • Most McDonald’s in Manhattan, NY have been offering wifi for atleast a year now. I truly loved the accessability of it . I mean order a soft drink and get online………….perfect way to make us fatter. But i’d gotten so used to having it, I was worried when I moved. But it’s down here in NC too. So, I guess it’s catching on in a lot more states. I hope it reaches yours soon

  • McDonald’s and Burger Kings in Malaysia have both been offering wireless since 2004.

  • threechordme

    they have had it in a lot of stores here for a while