Meeting of the minds

Congrats to HuffingtonPost for snaring Betsy Morgan as its new CEO. Betsy was general manager of and I became her big fan after meeting her at various conferences (see, they do have a purpose). I was quoted in yesterday’s FT saying that they laughed when Arianna sat down to the keyboard, but she has created something incredible. Now friend Betsy will turn Arianna’s blogging phenom into a real media business.

  • Why doesn’t the article link to the HuffingtonPost?
    Ok they have a small link at the very end of the page (actually pointing to a search on NYT about HuffingtonPost).
    Does NYTimes fear competition? :)

  • Wow. Any day now I’ll be able to snatch-up Rick Kaplan to run my blog.

  • Cross-hiring from the MSM is quite a big step for the blogosphere. Maybe now I can get one of those yes-men and yes-women to write my blog.

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