A day at Dell

Blog silence because I spent a packed day at Dell, briefly interviewing Michael Dell, visiting the factory, and talking with lots of execs. I’m going to write my magazine piece first and then blog about it (I know, I know, that’s the reverse of what should happen but, hey, the tree-killers are paying the way). There’ll be a lot that won’t fit in the magazine piece and I’ll share it all once I get my notes organized.

  • tree killers – please – we have a recycling program that I for 1 am very proud of

    this electronic display is more economical and faster, but is harder on my eyes, cancering my brain most likely and not as portable

    and until we come up with another economic system, the PEOPLE cutting trees / recycling, manufacturing paper and ink, running presses and throwing stacks at your feet – need JOBS

  • Mark

    If you’re going to allocate any significant amount of time to the factory portion of your article, I hope you’ve experienced other factory visits as well, so as not to overly praise or knock Dell’s factory while lacking a comparative viewpoint.

    That said, I think you’ve already done wonders for Dell’s CS via BuzzMachine. A friend has a 5-6 year old Dell that recently was overtaken by trojans to the point of not booting. They not only offered to send out a recovery CD to allow her to reinstall XP (for free), they arranged to call her at a preset time and walk her through the recovery process.

    I don’t believe that kind of service would have happened before you woke them up.

  • David Marshall

    Jeff, I doubt that you will find a more powerful Dell Customer Care success story than the one involving Dell’s XPS 700 customers. Visit the Dell blog and you will find 20 individual posts by Lionel, with hundreds of responses. Vist the Dell Community Forum, and you will find the current thread of 3,600 posts, with another 15,000 archived. Check out many of the media outlets such as Cnet and you will find a story covering Dell’s free motherboard upgrade for all XPS 700 customers, worldwide. Browse the forums and blogs and you can’t help see the amazement of onlookers. Chat with hundreds of Dell customers and will find a rivival in the making. Customers are telling friends, coworkers, and family. Dell is a better company today because of its willingness to confront the hard realities learned from their customers. More computers are being sold because Michael Dell took the time to Listen to a customer. The next generation XPS is hitting the Customer’s target in a way that previous attempts couldn’t. This has been a story in the making since the summer of 06, and shortly after it was covered by the Wall Street Journal in September. If you would like some positive support from a real life experience than drop me a line. Rarely will you find a Large American Corporation responding to the “little” customer in the way that Dell has. Looking forward to your article.

  • I have reached the breaking point after dealing with Dell for several months and having returned three computers due to incompatibility issues which appear to be resultant from the unanticipated consequences of adopting Microsoft’s Vista’s operating system. Dell removed there base model ‘Inspiron 1501’ from the market in September due to its 514 MB hard-drive being unable to function with the size of the Vista operating system. Subsequently they reintroduced it with a 1 GB hard-drive, however its slow processor is insufficient and one can wait for 45 minutes or more for the startup program to load. The top of the line ‘Insprion 1721’ with all the options is generally a fine machine. However, and once again, Dell has not done its research into incompatibility issues. When one downloads the Dell and/or Vista updates they may well find that they can no longer Burn nor Save to the ‘E’ (optical) drive. Dell’s technical support personnel have admittedly been much better than in the past, yet they too are frustrated and Dell’s primary shipper DHL Express has privately stated that they are seemingly returning as many Dell Computers as they are delivering.

  • Allen Ray

    Dell does NOT honor a paid for hardware warranty. It ha been pure HELL dealing with this division of Dell…There are heat issues woth my Insprion 8500…the
    ree mother boards, three fans and heat synchs, one hard drive and the list goes on….Three data recoveries and still no resolution.
    They open a case files, then close them in the middle of the night for me to find the next day that it has been closed.

    The warranty that they sold me…is not not worth it. The sheer agrivation is not worth the price.