This year

I go to the World Trade Center on September 11 to remember. I say that others go to graves to pay tribute. I go to the place that did not become my grave to pay thanks. But it is becoming harder every year. That’s not because of the memories, which do indeed lost their sharpness and volume.

It’s because of the assholes standing outside the PATH station now: the 9/11 nutjobs, the 21st-century Holocaust deniers who exploit the day and its sacred memory to spread their poison and get on TV — and TV happily conspires with them to do that. How some people can be so starved for attention to do this is beyond me.

But the city is not helping. This year’s memorial was moved to a park across the street from the site — because the hole is well under construction — and nothing can be seen and little heard. So the public view of this day is left to the crazies. That is a shame. This should be a day for all New York and its friends to remember and pay quiet tribute.

But at the same time, I am relieved to see the building at the Trade Center: WTC 7 up and gleaming, the Deutsche Bank finally if fitfully coming down, the pit filled with concrete, steel bars, piles of dirt, and beeping machines. At long last, the hole is being filled, life is returning.

We need to find better ways for that life to live next to the memories.

  • Wow, there’s actually a lot of them there, huh? I guess, and I’m just trying to extract some good here, that it’s a interesting and, perhaps even fitting, tribute to this City and it’s proud(?) history of giving open forum to all views including those who are crazy and those who are “crazy”. I too would prefer it if this could “be a day for all New York and its friends to remember and pay quiet tribute.” However, in all of NYC’s history, I’ve yet to see such a day take place, so instead, as on 911, we just do the best we can. Unfortunately, the inside-job-goofy-tunes are part of that.

  • “This should be a day for all New York and its friends to remember and pay quiet tribute.”

    What then should we do, restrict people from speaking their mind? By contrast, those folks might think you crazy for refusing to indulge their point of view. After all, the inside-jobbers that you ridicule could be mourners themselves, remembering their own dead in their own way. In your videos they seem respectfully quiet, so I don’t really understand the problem.

  • Lisa,

    Of course, they can be there. But then I won’t be. The problem is that the ceremony is now hidden away. So what the world sees, what I see, is these nutjobs. And I do believe they are nutjobs. Just as they are free to say what they want I am free to say what I want about them. And I find their denial and loony conspiracy theories every bit as harmful and hurtful as Holocaust denial.

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  • Jeff:
    I made my annual trip today as well, but being still in the film age I won’t have my pictures up for awhile. I was also struck by the 9/11 conspiracy nuts. They have taken on the look of the alternative lifestyles of the Goths and other rebels. This doesn’t help their cause any. They not only sound nutty, they look nutty.

    There is an interesting question lurking in here somewhere. They all seem to believe that there is something wrong with the government, but they don’t know what. So they have latched on to the most unlikely scenario as a way to project their distrust.

    If we consider it like a cult then perhaps things might become clearer. The beliefs of cults are always far out. The thing that they have in common is their trust (faith?) in their leaders and their willingness to suspend their critical faculties so that they can buy the story. There have been many studies of cults and subservient personalities. I think many have been able to sketch out the characteristics, but the why remains unanswered.

    If you are interested in reading about the type of person who needs to follow a strong leader I suggest the recent book of psychologist Robert Altemeyer. He has posted it online for free:

    His work was the basis for John Dean’s book “Conservatives without Conscience”.

    PS. Are you ever going to put the preview button back?

  • Thanks for sharing, I couldn’t agree more.

    It is the city of NYs responsibility to maintain a “safe” perimeter of at least 2 city blocks around the entire 9/11 sight. I cannot stand walking by on a day to day basis, let alone on 9/11 itself and seeing the commercialism and craziness that is the site of so much tragedy.

    I understand the need for commerce, for a local market. However, aside from the handful of local farm vendors on the North East corner of the plaza, the entire area should be turned into a memorial. Why not redesign?

    The city already has the NYPD all over the site, why not clean it up a bit?

  • Vanilla Cream

    Dude, are you blind? Your pictures suck moose co*k. We want to see their ugly mugs!

    Good to see you got off your ass, though. Finally some empirical reporting, instead of your standard armchair stuff.

    Next time think “courage” and photograph them so we can see them.

    Also, bring a mic and gather some sound like a real journalist. This is multimedia web 2.0! We want faces and sound…for the masses!

  • johnhenryfaulk

    Mr Jarvis,

    For a guy who just touts the idea of citizen journalisim, your ridicule and disdain for people seeking answers to the many, many, many unanswered and wholly importatnt questions of Sept 11th, 2007 demonstrates your immense ignorance of this issue and offers a side order of contradiction.

    The patriotic questioning of truth in ALL FACETS is only arrived at by seeking rational knowledge outside of the controlled and dirty spoon servings of mainstream media.

    And how sad of you to connect a dot that doesn’t exist. They are not holocaust deniers (come on you should know better than to use that false and utter nonsense) but they are Original Conspiracy Theory (OCT) deniers. Just how is it possible for 19 guys (w/box cutters) assisted by some CIA Muhjadeen operative in a cave (OBL) in Afghanistan hooked up to a dialysis machine using a cell phone get the United States Air Defenses to schedule their two-hour coffee break (stand down) ?

    How does a 47 story STEEL STRUCTURE BUILDING WITH AN INNER STEEL BEAM CORE SYSTEM (WTC7) fall into it’s own footprint at freefall speed without having been hit by a plane? The one thta the BBC erroneously reported of this collapse a full twenty minutes before it actually collapsed.

    And stop with that fire nonsense, it’ll just makes you look even more uninformed as it remains counter to the laws of physics, among other mechanical and physical precepts. If you cared as much about the accuracy of the law of physics, especially when rendered through 9/11, as you do about the 18-24 month problem you have with Moore’s law, then maybe one day on your knowledge quest, you could be capable of bypassing the cognitive dissonance that prohibits you from ascertaining truth at many objective levels.

    The government cheese is now bad, daddy! It may have been good yesteryear but its staleness date of of November 22, 1962 has left it putrid and reeking.

    I’ll spare you the hundreds and hundreds of links that are from reputable people calling for a new investigation because if you or anyone really wants the truth it won’t come from your blog, or the alphabet networks, or the left/right, divide and conquer paradigm of propaganda.

    No, Jeff, It will come from the individual desire to find truth against all of the MSM, Left & Right, stacked and piled high, odds.

    Just remember, you, or anyone else, cannot create my truth, but you sure as hell can have an effect on helping me me know where the B S is conveniently nested!

    Want the truth? Look for it! It it’s right around the corner, but first you have to look.

    I’ll leave you with this —

    “911 is a naked con any Girl Scout with a web connection could bust wide open over a weekend and still have time for a bake off.”


  • Greg0658

    thanks John Henry

    I am tired of beating the dead horse – I know thats their plan

    I hope info will flow after a peaceful regime change if even possible with the collapse of WTC7

    today just hoping and praying an Iran escallation is not dumped on the next administration, a collapsed dollar, and another matter of time 9/11

  • Trajan

    John Henry,

    Your idea of a government conspiracy has many, many holes. But it is pointless to debate them with somoene who is so set in their convictions. But what disturbs me most about conspiracy theorists like you, is your ability to assume the worst about this country. Do you honestly think the people who serve this country in our military would help attack their own country? Do you honestly think a massive conspiracy could exist in which Americans would willingly and brutally murder other Americans en masse? I believe people like you hated this country long before 9/11/01, and have used 9/11 to further your anti-American sentiment. I think it is right to question the government, of course. But to assume they were willing to carry out those attacks is, quite frankly, ridiculous.

  • “911 is a naked con any Girl Scout with a web connection could bust wide open over a weekend and still have time for a bake off.”

    So how come you kooks can’t get one major mainstream reporter to pick up the story? Must be because they all love Bush, right?

    Your “proof” is the usual crap. Read the Vanity Fair article from last summer on NORAD and NEADS and you’ll learn that the longest warning the military had of a hijacking prior to the plane crash was 9 minutes.

    WTC 7 did not fall into its own footprint; its collapse severely damaged the adjacent Verizon Building and Fiterman Hall, which will have to be torn down.

    And your fascination with November 22, 1962 would be more comprehensible if it was a year later, when Kennedy was actually assassinated.

    Typical Troofer!

  • So Jeff thinks that those seeking answers for 9/11 can be flippantly dismissed as nutjobs (with holocaust deniers thrown in for good measure). The Conspiracy Theory is the official narrative of the 9/11 Comission. Theirs is the sin of omission, as much relevant data was ignored or misrepresented (much as this piece does). The best sites call for investigation and warn of disinfo sites (like those who also peddle holocaust denial).

    Evidence WAS destroyed at a crime scene. Professionals from many disciplines (as well as victim’s families) have demanded to have the investigations reopened. To those who lament that citizens would ascribe the worst motives to their government; wake up from your slumber. To those who see no proof of conspiracy by reason of the failure of the MSM to cover it; you are also living in a dream world.

    If there is no attempt at any so-called cover up, then no one should fear the facts leading wherever they may. Jeff, you talk about new markets and news and entertainment; let’s see some demonstrations of replicable science. Let’s see Mythbusters create models to replicate some of the claimed occurances of that day. Spare us your feigned outrage as you actively work as a tool for those with motive to hide the truth. The criminals at BushCo have been one of the most secretive regimes in US history. I wonder what shining a little light on these cockroaches will uncover? Do not equate the MSM’s unwillingness to tackle painful deceptions as indicators that no deception is taking place. You’re cries of “move along, nothing to see here” should be an embarrassment, even to you.

    Here’s a good place to start for anyone interested. The physics of the towers falling is quite informative as are the links talking about disinformation.

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