The spin that sticks (where, full disclosure, I am a partner) gathers and analyzes the world’s news and that allows it to learn some fascinating things about the media’s coverage of the presidential race. Their latest looks at the quotes that were picked up most often by press. In short, these are the sound bites that resonated in the press this week, the spin that sticks. For each candidate:

Barack Obama: “All of our top military commanders recognize that there is no military solution in Iraq”
Hillary Rodham Clinton: “I do not think that a president should give away the bargaining chip of a personal meeting with any leader unless you know what you are going to get out of that”
Christopher Dodd: “You’re not going to have time in January of ‘09 to get ready for this job”
John Edwards: “Elizabeth is a strong woman who speaks her mind and I applaud her for that”
Mitt Romney: “We must not weaken our policy on Cuba until the Castro regime is dismantled, all political prisoners are freed and Cuba transitions to free and fair elections”
Sam Brownback: “It’s much more akin to the conversation that happens around the dining-room table in Nashua (N.H.) or at the state fair in Iowa rather than on a stage with a dozen candidates all trying to squeeze in their consultant-crafted sound bites”
Joe Biden: “This war must end, but there’s much more at stake as to how it ends”
John McCain: “We’re starting to succeed, and I think we’re seeing some shift in public opinion”
Bill Richardson: “I believe that if you leave any residual forces, then none of the peace that we are trying to bring can happen”
Mike Gravel: “I’m going to vote for myself”
Rudy Giuliani: “I took a city that had just about the highest illegality rates in the country and took it down to one of the lowest.”
Dennis Kucinich: “George, I’ve been standing here for the last 45 minutes, praying to God you were going to call on me”
Tom Tancredo: “I am encouraging the families of the victims to pursue the option of a lawsuit in light of this culpability”

While we’re at it, Ken Ellis, Daylife’s chief scientist, also looked at the most common quotes across all news sourcdes and topics since midnight Sunday. The context isn’t always apparent — which is actually what makes it more fun – so follow the links to each newsmaker’s Daylife page:

George W. Bush: “Clearly, the Iraqi government’s got to do more”
Billy Martin: “Mr. Vick has agreed to enter a plea of guilty to those charges and to accept full responsibility for his actions and the mistakes he has made”
Ruth Westheimer: “Bravo that the New England Journal of Medicine is publishing something like that. It’s about time”
John Charles: “People with cancer are surviving longer, elderly people are living longer”
Michael V. Hayden: “I thought the release of this report would distract officers serving their country on the front lines of a global conflict”
Marlon Byrd: “This is something freaky. You won’t see anything like this again for a long, long time. I am glad I was on this end of it”
Rob Moore: “It’s likely these miners may not be found”
Ozzie Smith: “It truly is an honor to stand with the very best defensive players”
Portia Simpson Miller: “Do not wait for the last minute to make the decision to move from where you are”
Bob Murray: “Had I known that this evil mountain, this alive mountain, would do what it did, I would never have sent the miners in here”

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  • No sound bite from Bill Richardson??

  • I’ll ask.

  • beth,
    it was an oversight. fixed, thanks to you.

  • im glad to see that you agree that Ron Paul never spins, he just tells it the way it is.

    which is why he’s got my vote.

  • yonason


    RonPaulBots among us.

    That guy Tony is like so many others I’ve read/heard. It’s like they are in a trance, or on some mind control substance. They give oversimplified gross generalizations about how R.P. is the great savior, but I have yet to hear or read any of them discussing the relative merits of his policies.

    It’s always just . . .

    “Must . . . Vote . . . Ron . . . Paul. Must . . . vote R-r-r-r-on-on-on . . . PPPPPaul.”

    Yeah, riiiiiight!

  • sbw

    Yes. … Right. … And this compilation contributes to understanding?

  • Uh, well, SBW, perhaps it shows you what media are covering, what sound bits get picked up, what enters the debate. Perhaps.

  • Boycott the two-party system in 2008.

    Vote for yourself if you want to be sure you’re not giving your precious vote to a monster.

    Demand to see your vote in print after the elections. With one vote you can register your discontent with the two-party system AND help independently verify the statistical accuracy of our voting system.

  • sbw

    Jeff, I’d rather read your observations than than the mainstream media.

    Although it couldn’t possibly be clear from my comment, it gives me no satisfaction to have the mainstream media put upon me *through* you. It’s belaboring the obvious while belaboring the oblivious.

    For those with calculus in their background, it’s like taking the second derivitive of noise and treating it as significant. See: Useful news perspectives.


  • sorry, yonason, didn’t know that my vote has to be approved by you.

    but Jeff can tell you, im no bot of anything.

    however when a guy tells me that he would stop making the USA the world police, and he’s cut more taxes than anyone in congress, and he wants to legalize weed and end Income Tax, thats the sort of fellow that gets MY attention.

    if you want the same old same old, thats your choice

    however if anyone sounds like a Bot, it’s those who continually vote the way of the masses.

  • chris

    Ron Paul:
    Non-interventionist foreign policy
    Get rid of the Federal reserve
    Less Federal gov’t agencies/control – give it back to the states
    Repeal Patriot Act/Military Commissions Act/ etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.
    Against the regulation of the internet

    Whatever your political affiliation he is the best man for the job.

  • Ronbot.