Publish2 begins

My blogging friend Scott Karp takes the tarp off of his new venture today: Publish2 will attempt to gather the collective intelligence of journalists — small ‘j’ — with a combination of social networking and useful functionality. Scott sets the table and serves the meat in his introductory post; go over and dig in.

When I heard that Scott was cooking something up, I had to find out what he was up to because I’d learned through our blog discussions that he’s smart, incisive, and insightful — and I think that even though, or because, we sometimes disagree. When he let me in, I was excited with the many possibilities for what he’s building. And so I’m trying to give some advice to Scott and his cofounder, Robert Young (with whom I almost crossed paths when I was at Delphi, briefly — tiny world, ours). Howard Weaver of McClatchy was already giving him advice. And Scott wants more. So go to his new Publish2 blog and tell him your wants, needs, and ideas.