What, no rainbow sprinkles?

Rubber chicken is no longer the staple of political roadtrips. Soft-serve ice cream is. The other day, John McCain licked some. Now it’s the Edwards’ turn.

  • Wow political marketing at its finest

  • Tom

    Looking aloof while you children eat ice cream.

    Man, it is the next generation of political marketing or is the campaign that dense. Woman do not care that the hair is perfect, they want to see him smiling with the kids as they eat ice cream and um, interacting with them?

  • It was about twelve years ago this weekend that I was in a town in New Hampshire at some crafts fair when out of the blue I look up and see Bob & Liddy Dole making the rounds. I had just bought a hot dog and was face to face with him, suprised to see him. Presidential candidates normally don’t just appear out of the blue in my home state of Maine.

    Everywhere I went in that town, the Doles were not far behind including the Ice Cream parlor I went to. Later on I’d jokingly commented to friends that the Doles were stalking me.

  • So effective! John Edwards likes ice cream? I like ice cream! It makes me just want to go out and vote for him right now!

    For some reason, I also really want a Verizon Chocolate too after watching this.