Sticky posts: the ‘bestof’ tag

Jeff Pulver had (another) good idea: He wanted some of his better posts to be sticky and he asked others what their sticky posts were. I suggested that if we all tagged out better posts, we could do lots of things: We could link to them from our own blogs and compile those posts across blogs we like. It would make it easier to find those seminal posts when reporters come asking what we have to say about something we’ve already written about and when we put together our blooks. Tom Evslin, blook author himself, volunteered to do a bit of that programming if it rains this weekend. I suggested in an email exchange that we should just tag our posts and that’d do the job. Chris Brogan rejected my tag suggestion — “sticky” (especially when discussing seminal posts) and suggested that we use the tag “bestof.”

So I’ve just gone through and tagged the last few months’ posts that I think have more to say; they’re here.