When brands hurt

Plaxo is supposedly reinventing itself as a distributed social network, which sounds good — except that it comes from Plaxo, a brand I have come to hate and equate with turning good people into spammers. Almost everyone I know can’t stand the Plaxo brand and automatically kills any email carrying that name. So why would they keep the brand for a product that is supposedly so new? The old conventional wisdom that that if you’ve spent the money to build brand recognition, you ride it. But now, brands are born and built — and ruined — more quickly. It’s going to take one helluva lot of convincing — thus marketing expense — for me to ever try something from Plaxo that wants data from me.

  • Jeff – I hear you, but my most recent experience with Plaxo was surprisingly positive. I wrote up my experiences a couple weeks ago here… bottom line, I’m willing to give them a shot. So far, I think they’re on the right track.

  • Perhaps, one day, it won’t be so difficult to be yourself online and to keep up with other people. I’ve lost track of how many online address books, social networks, CV systems, photo sharing sites, and blogging-podcasting-twittering tools I’ve signed up to help streamline different types of networking. There’s always another tool to download, another site to log into, another page to update. Whether it’s a federation of social “services”, identity systems and single sign-ons, I don’t know. But I could use some simplicity right about now.

  • For Kawika Holbrook:

    Turn OFF your computer and go visit your local LIBRARY. You won’t regret it.

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