Open your drawers

I’m getting pissed off at people on Facebook who have their privacy settings adjusted so that when they try to befriend me and I try to see who they are, they keep me from seeing anything about them. A fine way to start a friendship. I am ignoring them all. Pshaw.

  • Part of the problem, Jeff, is that the privacy setting is the same for friend requests as it is for messages (and pokes). Just because I send a message to someone, doesn’t mean I want to open my entire life to them. I often send messages to people who I do not intend to ‘friend’ from groups or networks, etc. A friend request, I think, should always expose the full profile…

  • Personally, I would actually like to be able to adjust the privacy settings even more. I think it would be great to be able to define what people can see by my relationship to them.

    For example, I might want to share certain photos with my family and others with my colleagues from a certain workplace.

    What information is it you find so vital when befriending people, when you meet people in real life, you will not know their DoB straight away :-)

  • Jeff,

    you’re getting to the root of the big blue elephant in the room.

    I wouldn’t blame the people who want to be your friends. It sounds like they’ve probably left their settings on the default, which results in your inability to look at their profiles.

  • Jeff,

    That is an interesting point, but I couldn’t look at your profile either! Unless of course you’ve changed it since I requested friendship. Didn’t you say you’d only befriend those you knew?

    Regardless, you are right, there should actually be a setting that exposes certain info to potential buds and a different one that hides everything, and yet another that displays all info. Still, you can add the friend and examine their page, then afterward delete them as a contact if you choose. It’s not perfect, but it works for me in such cases.

  • Is that why you ignored my request? And here I was taking it personally…..

  • Jeff…you’ve hit on a core problem with Facebook–as in, what is it *really* for?? is it for personal, or business or some amalgam in between…

    and if it’s for business, and the people wanting to be your “friend” only want business-friends, they *may* be reluctant to make their personal information more available…

    Then again, if that’s they case, they should be a little more careful whom they “friend.”

  • Bas

    I studiously avoid having people on my friends list who I do not know in real life. I’ll add an acquaintance, a friend of a friend, or a business contact, but not some random “I know everyone on the internet” guy.

    That said, if someone wants to be my friend, I do not need to see their profile to know whether I’m accepting them or not.

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