So I checked the iPhone availability chart, just for curiosity, and didn’t see a single place where it’s sold out. Did that mean all those people were fools to sleep out and wait hours? I report, you decide.

  • Was “buzz” ever meant to make sense? Isn’t it “juice” that we want?

    I can watch movies and play games, as well as show my digital photos on the big screen of my Sony PSP. And, my Treo 700p is my phone which also allows me to manage MS Office files, do e-mail and surf la Web, albeit with a crippled browser, at EVDO speeds. When I run down the PSP battery, I don’t lose my phone, unlike the iPhone with its sealed battery. You can’t carry a spare battery.

    My system has juice but little buzz. (BTW, how many folks will be camping out to pick up the buzzless and juiceless Foleo, Palm’s laptop-like companion to the Treo?)

    I have a 4 GB memory stick in the PSP, and a 2GB SD card in the Treo. No memory card slots in the iPhone.

    Hmmm…seems like some cell phone manufacturer, probably HTC, will want to produce an iPhone knock-off with more juice, riding the buzz wave while it lasts.

    The iPhone to be released in Europe reportedly will have 3G, because those folks expect that kind of juice from their $500 cell phone.

    But, Jobs did all the right things in creating a phone that doesn’t need a manual to use all its features, and even producing advertising in the form of videos showing you exactly how to use it.

    People living in the long tail might be holding out for the juice, but buzz doesn’t need to be explained in complex terms, so it has broader appeal. Buzz is brand–purchasing impulsively.

  • Well, the availability chart says to check after 9 p.m. — which, according to the time on your post, you likely did. If you look now, it already shows availability for Saturday, June 30, and it also says that shipments arrive daily.

    So it seems quite possible that some or many locations could have ran out of iPhones but are restocked for the weekend.

  • dc

    I was able to walk into the soho apple store and buy one at 6:55pm. Total time spent in line and to purchase? 3 minutes.

    Complete fools…. but then again I waited in line for “The Phantom Menace” so I should shut up.

  • Talked with several that were at Apple stores that ran out, the 8gig models went real fast. AT&T seemed slower but one reported he got the last 8gig and the 4gigs would all be gone before the line was complete.

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  • CoryS

    What is that about a big line, but boxes on the shelves? Oh, yeah, a bit into the weekenover-zealous about the size of the launch.

    I’ve seen both situations before and stock outs (perceptually) are always better press than over-stocks. Judge for yourself:

    “The first shipment sold out in 1 hour” v.
    “Plenty of inventory available”

    Which is a better marketing story?

    After the iBrick stories, I’ll be glad to go in a week or two.

  • Well, it was never a question of getting one before they sold out, was it? For some it’s just thrilling to be the earliest of early adopters. But for others it’s pure capitalism: check out eBay. This guy (
    will hand deliver two to you gratis, and the bidding is up to $10,200. This guy ( boasts he was 25th in line in his listing, will make a few hundred bucks profit for a few hours work. And his listing page has 24k hits.