All Facebook, all the time

To feed my Facebook obsession: the unofficial Facebook blog. (via Martin Stabe)

  • Sue

    My work security filter (Websense) blocks this site under the category “Sex”?

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  • John Daly

    I was looking at my friends Facebook page and laughed because one of his applications said that he was a social outcast. I made fun of him on his wall, and then he invited me to join the app, Social Climber. It’s the simplest application, yet it is freakishly addictive. Basically, you just climb on top of your friends once a day before they can climb on top of you…ridiculous, I know. BUT there’s a free iPhone for the winner!!! For an iPhone, I’ll climb on top of my grandmother once a day (gross).

  • There’s also It’s more of a sarcastic approach to most Facebook related news.