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Just found what looks like a very nice map ap for news organizations. Sky is using it and they’ve already caught a criminal via a map. More about it from the creator, Simon Dickson, here.

See also’s really superb local explorer map ap, displaying businesses, home sales, schools (not sure why), and crime (I see the fine hand of Adrian Holovaty).

: Correction. Adrian, in the comments, says he had nothing to do with the Post’s local explorer. Except he has inspired all of us to think mappy.

  • Actually, I had nothing to do with the Post’s local explorer map — it was put together by some other folks. I agree that it’s a great application!

  • Hi,

    i’ve been evangelizing the use of maps for regional and local news since at least one year to my employer (i’m the head of application development of the online/mobile unit of the german news agenciy dpa) and to german newspaper publishers alike.

    IMHO maps are the ideal means to provide context without the need to explicitly link the content. While a news agency can provide news from worldwide news down to regional news, local and hyperlocal have to be provided by our customers.

    So it’s nice to see the LocalExplorer as a prime example for what we have in mind.
    Since quite some time we are working on enabling the news agency to fulfill it’s part in working towards ubiquitous geocoded news.

    Beginning sometimes in Q3, dpa-infocom will geocode all of the regional news it is providing to it’s customers (and maybe world and german news as well). In addition to adding geocode metadata to our native format (NITF) we likely will provide GeoRSS and KML feeds for even easier mapping by our customers and additionally provide consulting , may be even a geocoding and mapping platform to our customers as well.

    In the first step we will geocode the agency news based on the placemark of the news item, disambiguating and “proofreading the geocoding” by editorial staff.

    In a second step, we would like to geocode the exact locations mentioned in the story. Right now GeoRSS does not provide the possibleity to give multiple geododes for a single news item. So this has to be enhanced, Additional we have to check if/how we can implement workflows for sustained guarenteed delivery of the locations of the news. So

    Furthermore we are looking into the workflows needed for geocoding the locations of the images of the photographers (or better not throwing away already existing geocodes in our curretn workflows. Hence i’m working on putting gps enabled cameras into place or at least using gps loggers etc.

    Some demo feeds and their integration into different mapping platforms i used during evangelization can be seen at . I’m going to update the integration to the newest api versions and add some more APIS in the next week.

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  • For anyone who’s interested, we’ve just launched a demo of the application on our website, It includes the sequencing functionality (which wasn’t used by Sky News) – and we’ve got an early visual of the polygon functionality we’re working on. We’ve been delighted by the response to the app, and we’re considering how we might take it forward.