Hotel wi-fi directory

Dave Winer publishes his wi-fi speeds in his hotel rooms. I wish we’d all do that and name the hotels, holding those who don’t really offer high-speed to account (see my complaint about the Las Vegas Hilton here). If we all tagged these posts “hotelwifi” and put in the name of the hotel and its city, then we’d all be able to search on a hotel before we book to see whether they’re honest about their high-speed or not. Just a wish.

  • Jim McGuire

    Someone needs to tell hotel chains that not just anything over 56kbps is ‘high speed internet’. At the Omni in Montreal and the Allegro in Chicago, I was treated to 256kbps high speed internet. Granted it was free but 256 isn’t high speed.

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  • Tim Regan

    amen Jeff…..why isn’t every hotel offering WIFI?????

  • Tom

    see my complaint about the Las Vegas Hilton here

    Bloody disgrace. Without access to my glorious 24 hour wi-fi techno fix, I will be forced to stare balefully out the window or speak to a minimum wage proletarian. Shocking stuff.

  • Lou Schilling

    The problem is not whether or not the hotel offers wi-fi or a wired connection (as long as it’s not dial-up). It’s the hotels that skimp on their connection out to an ISP. 50 business travelers on 802.11b wi-fi connections, in a hotel that only has a couple DSL or T-1 lines out to the internet is not going to make for a good user experience.

  • Actually, that list exists.

  • Good site!

  • I think this is a great idea – effectively building a distributed db of hotel wifi reports. I’ve been working on a service that can be used to take a different approach to the same problem, with hopefully some additional benefits around more structured searching and linking to related information. This is described in more detail on my blog.

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  • Most hotels I have stayed in do have high speed internet it’s getting the connection that is sometimes difficult. I have been on certain floors they inform me are “off” their range for high speed. Whatever that means. So now a days I ask whether or not the particular room they are giving me has any connectivity issues and if so to please give me another room.