That’s my boy

My son, Jake, and I were chatting about the Facebook Platform in my home office the other night. He was sitting on the couch with his laptop; I was at my desk writing on mine. This is what passes for paternal bonding in bloggers’ homes. Little did I know what he was working on: With the ease with which I would doodle, he was coding up a Facebook ap for Last FM, which promptly got written up by Michael Arrington in TechCrunch, making a larger point that LastFM isn’t delivering aps but its users are. And last night, he coded up a Meebo Facebook ap. By the way, the LastFM ap has 2,000 users but it hasn’t been officially approved by Facebook. Wazzup?

At the same time, Jake has redesigned his Middio application, a search engine for music videos on YouTube. Do go check it out. Soon he’ll be adding a commercial element and I’ll tell you that story.

The creation generation, indeed.

/father bragging.

  • Pretty impressive!

    Craig (I useta be technical)

  • Very cool – could he knock together a Flickr tool next? :-)

  • Logan Kennedy

    That deserves being bragged about. As a computer science major I find all of that stuff impressive for a high school student to be doing. Just as impressive is the fact that you are aware of what all that stuff is. Most dads including mine are completely lost when it comes to any creative along technical lines.


  • I posted about this today jeff

    Jake’s standing invite is close to turning into an imperative

    And I second the request for a flickr app


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  • Fantastic.

    As one of the 2000, just wanted to say WELL DONE JAKE! The old man’s got nothin’ on you. ;-)

    My Facebook rant from the other day is here, just in case you’re interested.

    I mention that capturing the alums business on Facebook is a megabucks idea. Crack that one next, Jake. I know you can do it.


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  • Jeff,

    I’m wondering what kind of applications would Jake write for craigslist (if it would be allowed).


  • Benjamin

    Blimey. A mini Jeff. He’ll be writing sycophantic articles about Rupert Murdoch next!

  • Mary Kenaston

    I passed this one along to my 18 year old niece. She’s starting at a junior college in a couple of months and I’m hoping she’ll be this computer literate since that’s the direction of the world today. I’m very envious. I’m able to get around decently and work with mainframe banking software constantly but the pc and Net are not comfortable territory for me.

    I’ve been enjoying all your columns, Jeff. It’s a fascinating way to see new media ideas since I’m disgusted with the MSM and their rigid ideas of what constitutes news. They have failed us miserably so I’ve turned to alternative sources online and found a wonderful world of news and ideas – some flaky, but most solid and fascinating.

    Thanks for providing guidance and links.

  • Gen X

    “the creation generation” lol

    Daddy’s boy puts together several apps and now all of a sudden that translate into a generalization about his whole generation. Give it a rest please!!!!!

    Yes your son Jake is talented and with your connections and his skills and hard work he should make a name for himself down the line but enough with your constant need to turn out a catchphrase.

    This isn’t the creation generation…it’s just a generation with its share of creative people just like all past generations.

    Besides sorry to burst your bubble but Gen X’ers were the creation generation when it came to the internet.

  • Benjamin,
    Lighten up. Don’t go after someone’s kids. I don’t care whether you respect me but respect my kid.

    I still disagree. All you have to do is work in big media companies to see what it takes to create something and contrast that with what I see among students. With or without the catch phrase, I still see a difference.
    Oh, and I’m not talking about Gen x. I’m talking about the next wave. You’re an old fart now. Welcome to the club….

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  • Benjamin


    You lighten up. ;-)

    I was not “going after” your kid. Blimey.

    It was a joke. A rather dry one, admittedly.

  • Logan Kennedy’s Lost dad

    I agree its impressive. I’ll bet my daughter will be shocked to see my post on this blog. Especially since I don’t know anything. Hope you got to the Gym today Logan. Dad

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  • Rob Kennedy

    Jeff — What happened to Jake’s application? Can’t find it on Facebook today (although there are other apps offered), and it seems to have disappeared from my profile, where I had installed it….