Reach out and Google someone

In the last two days, I ended up reconnecting with two dear friends with whom I’d lost touch — my fault in both cases — and I’m so happy I did. One of them I had tried to find in Google for sometime but she left no apparent shadow there; my shadow is long and so it’s through Google that she found me. I sat in a friend’s office two days ago and she got a call from a 30-year-ago lost boyfriend who said that Google was kinder to her than him. That sounds tantalizing. In generations to come, you’ll have your archive of FaceBook pages and the links that make up a life. It’ll be far harder to lose people. For my generation, we risk never reconnecting. But I’ll tell you that it’s also nice to find them. So go Google an old friend tonight.

  • Interesting to read this post just now. An hour ago or so I posted about finding the name of an old friend. It was through pure luck – on a Google Search.

    I think you are right about people like my 16 and 18 year olds never being “lose-able”. They will have to try very hard NOT to be found when they are my age (45).

    Hopefully he finds the post and contacts me.

  • I really like that term ‘Internet Shadow’.

  • I have for over a year now used google to locate people,articles and places.A few times i have googled myself to see what’s on the internet about me.I was suprised.

  • Julie Eeckhout-Duff

    Ah, interesting, I can’t seem to google myself, with married or maiden name.

  • I now control some of what Google says about me, and the order in which people find my info. Check out how I did it, professionally, with no ads on the site. WOW!