At the gates of Hitchens

God bless Christopher Hitchens calling Jerry Falwell just what is was on the No. 2 Viral Video:

  • Bill K.

    Wow, it’s great to conveniently work in the death of famous person while you’re on a book tour. Getting attention of the MSM is the holy grail. Oooo, he’s topical, oooo he’s edgey, gotta buy the book.

    Maybe I’m anti-viral, or anti-outrage.

    I’m sorry, it’s not a shock to me that Falwell said what he said during his lifetime. Jeff, do you assume that your readers are so simple-minded that you need to preach to them in this fashion? Hey, I got it even before it hit YouTube.

  • Boyd

    How is Jeff preaching? He linked to a video on YouTube that I haven’t seen before and appreciated seeing.

  • In all honesty I rarely agree with everything that Christopher Hitchin has to say. But his words in this instance were well chosen, and are sure to be contested by the immense ‘congregation of the gullible’.

    I know the religion business; my father was Church of Scotland minister. We emigrated to Dallas, Texas. My father didn’t often take me to the movies, but he made sure we saw Elmer Gantry!

  • That you, Hitchens, and others would take this opportunity – not two days since Rev. Falwell passed away – to so disrespect the man and his family – is despicable. As I explain in my blog post, “Assassinating the Dead,” those who would do so place themselves on par with the likes of Fred Phelps, who often shows up at funerals to despise the deceased.

  • How dare he say such over the top horrible things about a person when his friends and family are grieving his death?

    I didn’t like Jerry Falwell either. I think he left this world worse than when he found it. I think that Hitchens is right to point out his contradictory behavior towards the Jewish world and his encouragement of religious fanaticism at home. I think that fairly and respectfully criticizing a person is always acceptable.

    But to go out of your way to insult and denigrate a person less than a week after his death for the sole purpose of lining your pockets with more royalty money is a terrible thing to do. Hitchens gives skeptics everywhere a bad name.

  • Craig

    Networks invited him on, what the hell is he supposed to say? Its not like Hitchens was invited to the funeral. If you don’t want to here the truth don’t click on the video.

  • Bill K.

    I’m using the word “preach” in the same oxymoronic fashion that Jeff invokes God to bless an atheist.

    Even if I disagree with Falwell and his followers, some respect is due. The media works to incite partisanship and makes it a spectator sport. In a pluralistic nation persuasion is all about trying to understand the different points of view, no matter how self-righteous we feel.

    Besides, Hitchens seems just as dogmatic as any fundamentalist.

  • God Bless Christopher Hitchens.

  • chris

    It’s a bit amusing to me that those who “preach” tolerance (and/or condemn intolerance) are so intolerant of those who disagree with them.

    Hypocritical, methinks.

  • Thanks for this, Jeff. A shame that it took Falwell’s death for all that is now being said to get ventilated. A shame also that some of your readers seem unable to make the calculation that intolerance of intolerance is not intolerance.

  • I disagree with Hitchens on one point: I don’t think Falwell was a knowing grifter. I think he really BELIEVED his trip…and that made him all the more dangerous. Falwell wasn’t really malicious or cunning or calculating or any of that…he was just stupid, like his contemporary, Pat Robertson.

    It’s too bad he’s dead. I would’ve enjoyed seeing him hang around for another decade to watch the house of cards he put up come crashing down.

    His intentions were good…and we all know which road is paved with THOSE…