New and improved

The Guardian has a spiffy new home page today, just in time for Tony Blair’s swan song. It has a similar weight of white space, width, and blue type to the recent rash of news redesigns — The New York Times, the Times of London, the Telegraph,, the Washington Post — but adds some more color and a bit more molecular energy. But I think it’s time for the next leap. I’ll blog on that soon.

  • I agree it is cleaner – although the story pages retain their previous design – but I was very much hoping for a degree of personalisation. I want the sports section above the Life & Style section, please. I know this is not a technological impossibility.

    It is still produced in the mindset that editors are going to tell me what I want to read. Ugh.

    One step forward on design but two steps backwards in connecting with me as a consumer.

    NB. I bought the printed edition of the Guardian today, as I do a couple times a week, consuming it along with my lunch. I also read it online. I’d love to see some stats on how many people are like me – enjoying both.