Speak only when spoken to

Jay Rosen sends a link to Wired’s report that the military has clamped down on blogs with new rules that essentially silence them, requiring approval before posting. I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised. I was amazed that the military allowed blogs in the first place. Oh, it seemed to make sense: We heard the voice of the soldier at the front line telling us his own story, giving us that other side of the war. But now that there isn’t an other side, things have changed. They have reverted to their natural state: The military is the ultimate control structure and open communication always challenges control.

At Milblogging, a commenter, Rachel, says: “This would have have a negative effect not only on our soldiers’ morale, but on their loved ones as well. Just the possibility of “this silence”is so saddening.”

: THURSDAY UPDATE: Now Wired says the military says it won’t enforce the rules.